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What to Do If You Fail an Emissions Test in Centreville, VA Burke Centre Automotive

How to Apply For an Extention For Repairs If You Fail an Emissions Test in Centreville, VA

We know that life is busy. Sometimes you forget about things. Other times you might even have remembered, but your car fails the emissions test and you don’t have enough time to have it fixed before your last test expires. Thankfully, if you live in Centreville, VA, there is an option. The state realized that this is a problem for some people, so they offer an extension that you can try to qualify for that was made for this exact situation.

To apply for an extension contact the DMV and apply for a 1 month extension. You are allowed to do this only one time per testing period and the DMV does not have to accept your request. If you are trying for an extension simply because you forgot to have the test done on time, chances are they will not grant it to you. But if you can prove that you have work scheduled for your car so that it can pass the test but will just be a couple weeks late, then it will not be hard to secure a small extension. In this way Centreville, VA is able to give you some incentive to go ahead and get the work done so that your car will pass the emissions test, rather than forcing you to temporarily retire the car.

The most important thing to remember is that you will need to have the emissions test done at some point; it cannot be put off indefinitely. At most, you can get one month extension per period (2 yars). In order to get this extension, you will need to file papers with the DMV to see if you qualify. It is best to try and get the test done on time and save yourself the time of having to go to the DMV to apply. We offer the test for only 28 dollars, and can even do repairs for you if necessary. If you can, try to schedule your test in a timely manner. It will save you time in the long run.

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