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What Types Of Emissions Tests Are Used In Chantilly, VA? Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Different Types of Emissions Tests Performed For Your Vehicles in Chantilly, VA Vehicle

You might be interested to learn that depending on the type of car you drive, there are a few different types of emissions tests that can be used in Chantilly, VA. Cars from 1980 and older use the 2-speed idle test, and cars made since 1981 use an acceleration simulation test. Some cars from 1996 and on can use their on-board computerized engine management system to notify testers of potential problems. This test is called the On-Board Diagnostic Generation II test (OBDII for short). How exactly do these tests work? Let’s find out.

The 2-speed idle test for older cars is quite simple. At its core it is just testing the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide output levels at idle and at 2,500 rpm’s. This gives a good idea of what emission levels the car is at and shows if the engine is working properly. The next emissions test is the acceleration simulation test for cars of year 1981 and on. This test uses a dynamometer and runs the car at 15 and 25 mph testing nitric oxide, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide emission levels. The last test, the OBDII for newer cars with an on-board computer, is the simplest of all. For this test we push a button, and the On-Board computer tells if the emission levels are at the correct spot.

Now you know the secret behind the extremely challenging Chantilly, VA emissions test. The test needs to be completed for your car at least every 2 years, as well as after purchase of any new car. It costs 28 dollars for most cars or small trucks and can be often completed in less than 1 hour. If any repairs need to be done on the car to pass the test, we will also inform you of what work needs to be done at the same time as the test. If you do fail, you will get a free retest if you have the repairs done within the next 14 days. We look forward to seeing you soon for your next emissions test.

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