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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Tires near Fairfax Station, VA

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If a vehicle doesn’t have tires, it won’t be driving on Fairfax Station, VA roads. Tires are absolutely necessary, even though most vehicle owners don’t think about them until there is a problem. Drivers should expect to replace their tires every few thousand miles, along with performing regular maintenance on them. On occasion, they might even need to be repaired, and all of this combined can be a lot for busy drivers to remember. In an effort to help their customers keep their vehicles safe and performing optimally, the professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic has put together this brief list of frequently asked questions. Covering every aspect about maintenance, repairs, and replacements they hope that this will help customers learn everything they need to know about tires near Fairfax Station, VA.

1. Why is it important to check tires’ air pressure?

Keeping vehicle’s tires near Fairfax Station, VA at the right pressure is important for safety. It can also help to extend the life of the tires. The trained staff at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommends checking tire pressure once a month. Drivers that aren’t sure what the correct tire pressure is can usually find it listed in their vehicle owner’s manual.

2. What is tire rotation and should it be done on Fairfax Station, VA vehicles?

The experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommend having the tires rotated every 6,000 miles to minimize and even prevent uneven wear and tear. Rotating the tires simply means that their position is switched, and this important maintenance step only takes a few minutes. During the tire rotation, Wiygul Automotive Clinic also recommends having them balanced. This additional step can help prolong the tires’ life.

3. When should tires be replaced?

There are several factors that will determine when tires on Fairfax Station, VA vehicles need to be replaced. Most manufacturers will include a recommended time frame in the owners’ manual, but how often and far the vehicle is driven will also play a role in determining when tires should be replaced. During the tire rotation or inspection, the certified technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic will carefully check all four tires for any signs that they might need to be replaced. If it is time, Wiygul Automotive Clinic is proud to carry most major tire brands so vehicles can be safely back on the road often in an hour or less.

4. Is it easier to purchase tires online?

For some vehicle makes and models it might be easier and more cost effective to purchase tires for a Fairfax Station, VA vehicle online. Wiygul Automotive Clinic is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with “” so now their customers always know that their tires will be in stock. The tires will be delivered directly to the shop free of charge, and the qualified personnel at Wiygul Automotive Clinic will have them installed on the vehicle quickly and easily. This is just one more way Wiygul Automotive Clinic strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

5. Should regular maintenance be performed on the spare tire?

Even though the spare tire is rarely on a Fairfax Station, VA vehicle it is still important that it is always kept in good working condition. The last thing anyone wants is to have to replace their tire only to find that the spare is flat. Every time a vehicle’s wheels and tires are inspected the same careful attention should also be given to the spare. Sitting in the trunk over time can cause the tire to lose air pressure or even start to rot. It only takes a few minutes to look over the spare, and it is an important part of responsible vehicle ownership.

6. What are some of the best tire brands to consider?

Wiygul Automotive Clinic carries a wide selection of tires from some of the top rated manufacturers in the industry. This includes Kelly, Goodyear, and Dunlap, along with several other brands that are available for delivery to the repair facility online. Some customers might also be considering replacing their wheels and rims, and Wiygul Automotive Clinic is more than qualified to handle this as well.

7. Can tires be repaired?

Having tires repaired instead of replaced can save drivers money, but it is important to know when this can safely be done. The team at Wiygul Automotive Clinic will carefully inspect each tire and give an honest opinion. If the puncture is small enough to be effectively repaired and it is located on the tread, the tire might not need to be replaced. Since the safety of the vehicle depends on the condition of the tires, this decision should only be made by an experienced professional.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic was founded in 1996 with only one goal in mind, to be the premier full-service auto repair facility in the area. As an independent auto repair facility, they are customer oriented instead of profit driven. This allows them to focus on customer value and safety, instead of a bottom line. In turn, their dedication to quality and integrity have earned them the loyalty and respect of their satisfied customers.

They expect this same commitment to excel from all of their employees, and this includes being familiar with the latest technology. The licensed mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic are capable of working on most foreign and domestic makes and models, including SUVs and light trucks. Wiygul Automotive Clinic has also been recognized as an AAA approved auto repair facility.

Whether a vehicle’s tires need to be replaced, repaired, or simply be inspected, drivers in Northern Virginia know that they can depend on Wiygul Automotive Clinic. With special offers and discounts available, keeping a vehicle in top working condition can also be affordable.

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