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How Often Should I Get an Oil Change in Centreville, VA?

How to Remember to Change the Oil in Your Centreville, VA Vehicle

Getting regular oil changes for your Centreville, VA car is a very important thing to do. Once you get into the habit of having it done, an oil change is not a difficult thing. The trick is to create a system that will help you to remember on time. The consequences from failing to have an oil change completed on time can be huge. Without good oil your engine can become irreparably damaged, and replacement engines cost thousands of dollars. There are many locations around Centreville, VA that are able to handle the oil change for you; however, and with a little planning, you can easily take good care of your car.

An oil change should be completed on every vehicle at roughly 3,000 miles, or every 3 months. Whichever of these happens to come first is when you should have the oil change. Most good mechanics will put a sticker in your car that helps you to remember when your last oil change was. This way you can always remember it and make sure that you do not go too long without having an oil change done. By following these simple steps, you will be sure to keep your car in good shape and running happily through the roads of Centreville, VA for many years to come. To make your car last a long time in Centreville, VA, this is very important. The great thing is that once you master the art of oil change timing, you will have it in your repertoire forever.

For more information on getting an oil change done, give us a call here at our Wiygul Automotive Clinic shop. We love to help our customers here in Centreville, VA and we can answer any questions that you might have. We have completed hundreds of oil changes on Centreville, VA cars and know just about everything about doing oil changes that there is to know.

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