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Understanding the Steps to an Oil Change for Your Chantilly, VA Vehicle

How to Change the Oil in Your Chantilly, VA Vehicle

If you are going to have an oil change done for your car, it is a good idea to understand all the steps that are involved. This way, after your favorite mechanic near Chantilly, VA is done with the oil change, you can understand what all was involved in the process. An oil change near Chantilly, VA is a fairly straightforward procedure. It is relatively inexpensive and can be completed fully in just a few hours. If you schedule ahead an appointment for your oil change the entire process can be completed while you wait.

The first thing that needs to be done during an oil change is to remove the old oil. To do this the mechanic will put a pan under the car to collect the dirty old oil and unscrew the cap on the drain. At this point, all of the oil will drain out and be quite messy. Once the oil is completely drained, they will then screw the cap back on to plug up the drain once again. Next, a new air filter needs to be put on to make sure that the engine is receiving nice clean oil at the same time as good pure air. Next, new oil needs to be poured into the engine of the exact type that is meant for your car. Then the car will be run for a few minutes for the oil to circulate fully through the engine and you are good to go. Again, this process has been done many times by our Chantilly, VA team, and it needs to be done every few months here at our shop near Chantilly, VA.

Remember to come in to our shop near Chantilly, VA to have your oil changed as soon as the time comes. Our Chantilly, VA team will work hard to make sure that your oil change is done correctly and in little time while you wait. We look forward to seeing you and helping replace your old oil with nice new clean oil.

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