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What Is the Purpose of an Emissions Inspection in Centreville, VA

Control the Air You Breathe in Centreville, VA by Passing an Emissions Inspection

Having an emissions inspection done for your car is required in certain counties of Virginia to reduce the smog problem in the area. Fairfax is one of the listed counties that requires this bi-yearly emissions inspection so if you live in Centreville, VA, it is extremely important to keep your car up to date for the test. The emissions inspection test only costs 28 dollars so every two years, this is not a large price to pay. It is a great way that we can all help to keep the air clean here in Centreville, VA.

If you have the test done with us we will automatically update your DMV vehicle records in case they are ever checked over the next two years. This will protect you from unnecessary tickets that could be handed out for failure to comply with the emissions inspection requirements. When it comes to getting your test done, we recommend planning ahead of time and saving yourself a few weeks as a buffer in case your car fails the test for some reason. Though most Centreville, VA cars tend to pass the test on the first try, it is not unheard of for a car to fail the test. If this does happen to you it is a simple matter of having the problem fixed and then retaking the test during the allotted time period. If for some reason you are unable to have it fixed on time, you may apply for a one month extension at the local Centreville, VA DMV.

We hope that this article has helped you understand why an Emissions inspection is necessary here in Centreville, VA. If you have any addition questions about how this works, please don’t hesitate to call us. We love getting the chance to talk with new people about all things car related, and we are more than happy to explain anything that you would like to hear.

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