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Getting an Oil Change in Springfield, VA

More About Oil Changes for Springfield, VA Cars

Regularly changing the oil in your car is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain a good running condition. Motor oil is like nutrition for a vehicle, and you need to regularly feed your car for optimal performance. Getting a professional oil change does not need to be expensive, and can add more healthy years to your car’s life.

Here is some basic info about what goes into getting an oil change in Springfield, VA:

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil

An oil change service will vary in price based on the type of oil your car uses to function properly. Synthetic oil will be more expensive than regular oil, but will allow you to go longer between oil changes. You can ask your oil change service provider about the benefits of using synthetic oil, and can decide for yourself if budget or less frequent oil changes is most important.

Here are the main differences between regular and synthetic oils:

Conventional Oil is the most common type of oil used, and the main reason for this is because it is also the least expensive type of oil. The main downside of choosing the cheaper option, is that it emits a large amount of pollution into the environment.

Full Synthetic Oil is man-made oil and is more expensive than conventional oil. This type of oil is perfect for the Springfield, VA driver that travels mostly on freeways or just does a lot of driving. Full synthetic oil runs in your motor at a much lower temperature and is why it lasts longer than other oils.

Synthetic Oil Blends are a mixture of synthetic oil and tangible oil, which means that this oil type is the middle ground when it comes to price. Taking into account the amount and type of driving that you do, using a synthetic oil blend at your next oil change in Springfield, VA, can save you money when compared to full synthetic oil, while providing a higher quality than conventional oil.

The first thing to do before getting an oil change, is to think about your car’s needs based on the type of driving you do, and deciding whether higher quality and less trips to the mechanic is more/less important than your budget.

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