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Ensure Your Protection at a Safety Inspection Station near Clifton, VA

Approved Safety Inspection Station near Clifton, VA

Wiygul Automotive Clinic is proud to be a state approved safety inspection station for their customers near Clifton, VA. For more than two decades this automotive repair company has been providing exceptional service to their clients in the Northern Virginia area and looks forward to continuing this tradition for another twenty years.

Their dedication to holding themselves accountable to the highest standards and demanding the same from their employees has earned Wiygul Automotive Clinic the loyalty of a long list of satisfied customers. This is also why it is listed as an AAA approved auto repair company. Their passionate devotion to their customers’ safety is only one of the reasons why Wiygul Automotive Clinic is named as a state-approved safety inspection station for drivers near Clifton, VA.

Before a vehicle can be registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it must first complete a state-mandated safety inspection. This is done not only to ensure your safety but that of others on the road with you. The 24 point inspection process required by the state is relatively simple and will test to see if the following items are working properly. This will include,

  • Brakes and parking brakes
  • Fuel and exhaust systems, along with air pollution controls
  • All interior and exterior lights
  • Engine belts, fluids, and the hood latch

These are only a few of the items drivers can expect to have tested at a safety inspection station near Clifton, VA. The relatively simple test not only ensures the vehicle’s safety but since it also checks emission levels, it is also beneficial to the environment. With so many reasons to abide by the state law to have a vehicle inspected, the certified professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommend that their customers don’t put this important procedure off. Best of all having a vehicle inspected is relatively inexpensive, and if any problems do arise, their ASE certified technicians are available to answer any questions.

Having a vehicle inspection performed is a relatively easy process, and it is certainly a better alternative than unknowingly polluting the environment or putting others’ safety at risk. Not having a vehicle properly registered can result in expensive fines and even impoundment, and all of this could have been easily prevented with a visit to a safety inspection station near Clifton, VA. With over twenty years of experience and dedication to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers, Wiygul Automotive Clinic looks forward to continuing to meet all of their customers’ automotive needs.

If a problem does arise during the vehicle safety inspection, an ASE certified technician will be on hand to answer any questions and to schedule an appointment for a repair if needed.

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