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What to Look for When Purchasing Tires From a Tire Shop Near Fairfax, VA

Rely on Wiygul Automotive Clinic near Fairfax, VA for Your Tire Selections

Shopping for tires can be confusing. The staff at the tire shop near Fairfax, VA can help drivers choose the proper tire to fit the vehicle and the load it will carry.

Buying new tires is a big investment for vehicle owners. Though they last many years, the cost is on the high side, especially when two or four are purchased at one time.

Here are suggestions from the trained technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic and Tire Shop near Fairfax, VA.

Check the Owner’s Manual

The manual that comes with each vehicle, compliments of the manufacturer, has a fund of essential information. Following its recommendations helps drivers make the right decision for tires, as well as preventive maintenance and care.

The manual will spell out the best size and type of tire that works on the vehicle. The skilled team at the local tire shop near Fairfax, VA can use this information to help drivers select the most suitable model, based on factors like budget and how much weight the vehicle will carry.

Figure Out the Type of Driving

Every driver has preferences. For example, is a soft ride or a firm ride more comfortable? This has a direct bearing on what type of tire to buy.

Another important component is deciding what is the major type of driving that will be done. If it is in town, then the tires don’t need to be rugged. On the other hand, if regular weekends out in the woods are planned, then tires that can handle uneven terrain are essential.

Don’t Overestimate Need

Buying tires that have more features than the vehicle requires for the driving that is typically done is a waste of money. Drivers need to buy the best match for preferences and for ordinary driving conditions.

It might feel safer to get more expensive tires that offer traction for all types of terrain and weather conditions, but it is actually throwing money away.

The experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommend that owners consider a superior, all-season tire. It fits the needs of most average drivers, at a sensible price.

Consider the Range of Factors

Buying tires is a balancing act. It involves the family budget, one of the most important aspects of the purchase. It also includes items like how important is noise suppression, how critical is the quality of the ride, how will the tire wear and how much weight can it bear.

This makes buying new tires complicated. Rely on the expert advice of the technicians at the local tire shop near Fairfax, VA, for unbiased advice.

Trust the People Who Know

The staff at Wiygul Automotive Clinic have been helping drivers since 1996 to find the perfect tire. Each member of the skilled staff is either ASE-certified or factory trained.

Beyond tires, they know:

  • Brake servicing
  • How to fix mufflers and exhaust systems
  • All types of engine repair
  • Alignment and suspension repair
  • Car electrical systems

The shop is an active participant in the community, from high school boosters to sports teams and George Mason University.

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