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Get the Most from your Local Tire Store in Burke, Va

What should you look for when you shop for your next set of replacement tires at tire stores in Burke, VA?

  • Bead - Gives an air-tight fit with the wheel
  • Belts - Provide stabilization and strengthen the tread
  • Body Ply - Adds strength and flexibility
  • Inner Liner - contains air inside the tire
  • Sidewall - Protects the side of the tire from damage due to road conditions and from curbs
  • Tread - Provides traction and cornering grip

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a complete database of tire safety ratings that are worth exploring if you are in the market for replacement tires. Today's tire technology is an alchemy of engineering, chemistry, physics, and performance that yields plenty of comfort, fuel efficiency, safety performance and style. Every tire passes specific endurance tests and are carefully inspected during manufacturing. Sample tires across all brands are selected randomly for a full battery of road safety tests.

Your new tires can last anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on certain variables such as driving conditions, terrain, weather, and the specific type of vehicle you drive.

Ask Your Local Tire Store for Tire Recommendations

While shopping tire stores in Burke, VA you may find replacing the tires that came originally with your new car with the same model may be too costly. Not to worry, most automobile manufacturers offer multiple brandsand types of tires in addition to the Original Equipment (OE) tires for each make and model depending on road conditions and the anticipated use (highway vs. city, rural vs suburban, off-road vs. all-terrain, for example.) of the vehicle.

Of all the tire stores in Burke, VA, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, the trusted professionals at the Tire Center at Wiygul Automotive Clinic can help you weed through the options to find the best replacement tires for your money and get you safely back on the road in no time.

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