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Have a New Set of Tires Installed on Your Fairfax, Va Vehicle

Common Tire Wear and Inflation Issues for Fairfax, VA Motorists

An April 5th article in Tire Review magazine highlights the results of vehicle inspections held across the country in 2012. This survey, conducted by the Car Care Council, shows that 77 percent of vehicles brought in for safety inspections needed some type of auto service or part replacementsImproperly inflated tires in Fairfax, VA affect 9 percent of vehicles. Approximately 10 percent of tires on Fairfax, VA vehicles had treads so worn they needed replacing to bring the vehicle back to roadworthiness.

Considering the critical safety function performed by your tires, 10 percent tire tread wear or failure is simply not acceptable. You need to make absolutely certain your vehicle can operate safely day after day. While most tires look the same to the uninitiated, the knowledge of your local tire store specialist is invaluable when you begin to shop for tires in Fairfax. VA state law mandates every vehicle pass an annual state inspection. If you have tire wear or performance issues, it is best to take care of them before the month your inspection is due. Otherwise, by law you have 15 days to remedy inspection failures before your re-inspection is due.

More About your Local Tire Center - Wiygul Automotive Clinic

A full-service auto and tire service center, such as Wiygul Automotive Clinic, is the perfect place to take care of all your vehicle needs. With a staff of personable ASE-Certified technicians, a complete Tire Center with tires for any vehicle in Fairfax, VA, plus an on-site state-licensed vehicle inspection center, we have your car care needs covered in Fairfax.

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