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Have a New Set of Tires Installed on Your Lorton, Va Vehicle

Tire Selection Guidelines for Lorton, VA Motorists

For the first-time tire consumer in Lorton, the tire landscape may appear quite complicated. High performance, touring, fuel economy ratings, all-season - how should you shop for tires in Lorton, VA?

If your vehicle has the original equipment (OE) tires, and you are pleased with the performance, stick with them. However, watch out for sticker shock - OE replacements can be expensive. But, most vehicle manufacturers recognize this, and now offer different brands of tires for the same vehicle. Some tires offer better contact with the road surfaceothers give a smoother ride, and still others may be specialized by weather, terrain, or fuel economy.

Tire Life Expectancy

The life of your tires depends on several factorsAbbreviated tire life is expected when you drive a vehicle with the power and responsiveness of a Daytona race car. If you drive a sports or performance car, 20,000 miles is reasonable to expect from your tires. In Lorton, VA today sedans, crossovers, and even SUVs pack horsepower formerly found only in high performance cars. Advances in automotive technologies have added safety, comfort, and entertainment to our ride at a cost of hundreds of pounds of extra weight added to the average vehicle. And that increase in load wears on your tires in Lorton every day.

If your original equipment tires are not available, both online tire stores and the tire retailers will advise you based on the manufacturer's tire recommendations in your owner's manual.

Research Tires Before You Buy at Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Remember, you rely on these tires for your safety every single day. It is best to do your research before you go kick the tires in Lorton, VA. Your visit to your tire store will be far more productive if you have a strategy based on your specific situation and budget. And an evening surfing the internet for a brief overview of the tire industry, manufacturers, online tire retailers, and specifically your local tire store, Wiygul Automotive Clinic, is well worth the investment of your time. Come on in and find out why so many drivers trust the professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for all their automotive needs, and expert advice shopping for new tires, in Lorton, VA.

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