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Easily Pass Your Virginia Car Inspection at our Shop Near Fairfax, VA

How to Pass a Virginia Car Inspection for Your Fairfax, VA Vehicle

If you have recently purchased a vehicle in Fairfax, VA then it is important to test it for a Virginia car inspection. A Virginia car inspection is a safety precaution that the state of Virginia takes to make sure that vehicles are safe to drive on the road. Right now the Virginia car inspection price in Fairfax, VA is set at $12 for motorcycle and $16 for all other vehicles and trucks. There are many different things that your vehicle will have to be tested for as the full test is a 24 point Virginia car inspection.

The test will make sure that your driver’s seat and seatbelt are working properly. It will also test brakes and parking brakes as well as all of your tires for correct operation. The full test will review your Fairfax, VA car from top to bottom and make sure that everything is working properly as it should be. The trick to getting your Fairfax, VA vehicle to the Virginia car inspection quickly and easily is to go to an inspection location that is experienced and can make all the repairs on the spot. Wiygul Automotive Clinic is a repair shop near Fairfax, VA that also offers the Virginia car inspection. Since we are a full-scale auto repair shop, we can take care of any issues and make sure that your vehicle will pass the test. This way you will not need to worry about whether or not your new purchase will pass the Virginia car inspection.

For more information about the Virginia car inspection or about how to get it done for your Fairfax, VA vehicle, we encourage you to give us a call. We can help you through the entire process and will make sure that you are set to drive the streets of Fairfax, VA only days after registering your new vehicle. We love the chance to work with our Fairfax, VA customers and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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