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Don’t Forget the Mandatory Virginia Car Inspection Before Registering Your New Chantilly, VA Vehicle

Virginia Car Inspection Process for Registering a New Vehicle in Chantilly, VA

Have you just purchased a new vehicle in Chantilly, VA? If this is the case, then it is important to remember to have your Virginia car inspection as soon as possible. A Virginia car inspection is required for Chantilly, VA residents who are looking to license a new vehicle. This system was put in place for the protection of every driver that is on the road today.

The complete 24-point Virginia car inspection process includes testing many different points including driver seat, seatbelts, brakes, all vehicle lights, each of the tires, horns, windshield, fluids, exhaust systems, and more. The Virginia car inspection is a full vehicle survey to see what the state of your vehicle is like. After passing this test near Chantilly, VA, you will be able to obtain a license for your vehicle to drive in the area. For more information on common questions such as neon lights, bumpers, window tinting, etc., please look into the Virginia state police vehicle inspection FAQ on the motor vehicle laws of Virginia’s website. Or if you prefer, you can also contact our Virginia car inspection staff as well. We are certified for Virginia car inspections, and we have helped many Chantilly, VA residents already.

Our staff is highly knowledgeable in the Virginia car inspection mandates, and you can be sure that they will tell you all the information that you need to know. We care about our Chantilly, VA customers, and we will do everything possible to make sure that your vehicle is up to date and safe. Our staff is fully ASE certified and as a Virginia car inspection site, we are ready to answer any of your questions. We enjoy helping our Chantilly, VA clients, and we encourage you to talk to us directly about any concerns. Ultimately what matters is that your vehicle is fully up to date for the Virginia car inspection so that you will be safe while driving around Chantilly, VA.

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