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What Is Included In A Virginia State Inspection In Chantilly, VA?

Having a Virginia state inspection done for your vehicle every 2 years is a requirement by the law if you live in Chantilly, VA. However, it is a law that was made to keep you as safe as possible while driving around the city. Having all residents of Virginia complete this bi-yearly inspection helps to keep all cars that are in use in working order. The routine Virginia state inspection covers all the major areas of your car.

First all the brakes must be checked, including emergency or parking brakes. Next all lights on the vehicle, such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and any other lights are tested. Along with these, steering, tires, horn, and mirrors need to be checked. The complete Virginia state inspection is a comprehensive check of every important part of your car. This is extremely important for any resident of Chantilly, VA to have done each year. A good mechanic can finish the entire Virginia state inspection in under an hour, so if you schedule ahead of time you can simply wait while the test is performed.

Once the test is done, if your car passes the test you will get a new sticker on your windshield to say that it is up to standards for that year. Then you’re set for the next 12 months. All cars without the sticker run the risk of being stopped and ticketed at any time. The price of the test is set at 16 dollars for most cars, and the same for motorcycles. If your car actually fails the test, you will need to have the car repaired and retested before your Virginia State Inspection expires. This is why it is a good idea to take the test with a few weeks to spare each year, and also be ready to have the repairs completed as soon as possible. In this way you can keep driving on your favorite roads around Chantilly, VA.

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