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Dunlop Tires - Burke, VA

Grandpa James Wiygul began our family tradition of excellent customer service over 60 years ago. Although our technicians can service any make or model on the road today, tires are an item every car owner needs on a recurring basis. Installing, balancing, and rotating tires is a basic set of skills that we teach every team member since Oscar Wiygul Sr. opened the first family repair shop in 1976.

We begin the process with the wheel size. In Burke, VA, Dunlop tires are an excellent choice for almost every car on the road. Regardless of the brand, our people can install any tire that a customer purchases from us or brings in for mounting as long as it matches the wheels and does not rub against the wheel wells. If the tire is unsafe to mount, under no circumstance are we putting a customer at risk.

If a customer brings in tires to install for them, we recommend changing out all four at once. If he or she brings in only two to change out the front or rear wheels, we strongly recommend using the same brand as the tires already on the car. Depending on the tire size involved, we have a rate of $20 to $35 per wheel. That includes balancing for each of them as well.

It is necessary to balance each wheel to ensure every customer gets the longest life from their new tires. Balancing each tire also provides even wear, a smoother ride, and improved fuel efficiency. We also recommend balancing each tire every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to prevent uneven wear on the tires, the wheel struts, and the shock absorbers.

There are a few key signs to indicate you should bring your car in to have the tires balanced. If you notice your car is handling very rough on I-4, the steering wheel is shaking, or the car vibrates at any speed, and the tire treads are wearing out unevenly, bring it into the Wiygul Automotive Clinic. We balance the tires at no charge if we installed them. If we did not, we charge only $20 per tire.

Regular rotation is also needed to keep tread wear even and extend the life of the tires. We recommend side to side and front to back rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. We include free rotation as part of the installation. If we did not install them, the charge for rotation is $20 per tire.

In Burke, VA, Dunlop tires are among the best on the road. If you need a new set installed, or only require balancing and rotation, call the Wiygul Automotive Clinic at 1-866-702-8050 today. We quickly provide you with the best tires and customer service in Virginia and get driving again.


Burke, VA

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