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Dunlop Tires - Reston, VA

Good offers and service are not new to us. James Wiygul (Grandpa to many of us) began the family tradition of providing excellent customer service over 60 years ago. He quickly realized as a mechanic that while you can train to work on every make and model, every car owner needs tires on a regular basis. Learning how to Install, balance, and rotate them is a basic skill set that we teach and have perfected ever since James’ son, Oscar Sr. opened the first Wiygul Automotive Clinic over 40 years ago.

Installation starts with the wheel of course. We can match every size wheel and almost every car in Reston, VA, with Dunlop tires. Regardless of the brand name or if a customer bought her tires somewhere else, we can install them as long as they match the wheels and do not interfere with normal operation of the auto. We never install any tires that might put a customer or his vehicle at risk.

We recommend installing a new set of four, no matter if the customer bought the tires with us or not. It is easier to balance four tires of the same type and tread level. If he wants to switch out only the front or rear tires, we still recommend using the same brand already on the other wheels. Our rate to install tires is $20 to $35 per wheel, depending on the size of the tire. This charge includes balancing and rotation.

Balancing all four tires together is needed to get the longest lifespan out of them. In addition to even tread wear, balancing also provides a smoother ride and increases fuel efficiency. We also recommend balancing tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Routine balancing prevents uneven wear on the tires and reduces wear on the wheel struts and shock absorbers. If we did not have to install the tires, we still could balance them at only $20 each.

Regular tire rotation, in addition to balancing, is also important for an extended lifespan. Every set should be moved both sides to side and front to back 5,000 to 8,000 miles to keep tread wear even over all four tires. Our installation fee includes rotation, but if we did not install them, we charge $20 per tire.

If you notice your steering wheel beginning to shake or your car is handling rough driving down the I-4, you need to bring in your vehicle into the Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Reston, VA for new Dunlop tires or at the least to have your old tires balanced and rotated. Call our offices today at 1-866-702-8050 to schedule an appointment.


Reston, VA

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