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Tire Repair – Clinton MD

Many times, the reason you get a flat tire drops right in front of you. It can be any one of a dozen road hazards we face every week, such as debris from an open truck, or gravel from a construction vehicle. There are also the potholes that seem to reproduce in the middle of the night and wait for us on our morning commute.

Of course, it is not always a pothole or other road hazard that causes a tire to blow or split. Unequal tread wear can cause one tire to go flat while the others still look (and are) perfectly good for another 1000 miles or more. Even minor differences between the wheels can cause tires to wear out unequally. Rotating tires from side-to-side and front-to-back reduce it and extend the life of each tire. We recommend you bring in your Clinton, MD vehicle after every 5000 to 8000 miles. The cost is only $20 per vehicle, and our technicians can accomplish the task at any of our Maryland Clinics.

After a flat tire happens to your Clinton, MD auto, a swift tire repair gets you back on the road with only a minimal cost of $20-$30 per tire and a small loss of time. Wiygul Automotive Technicians can repair most types of tire damage and help save hundreds of dollars by pushing off an unneeded tire purchase to the next year.

Each tire repair needs to be treated as a permanent, long-term fix. That is why our Clinics do not recommend using fix-a-flat foams available in many automotive stores. They are a poor, temporary solution that lasts a few hours and leaves the tire impossible to permanently repair. Since most of these foams are between $10-$15, that makes them barely cheaper than a professional tire repair.

Once the tires do begin to wear down, the best way to prevent a blowout and therefore the need for tire repair is to replace the tire or tires on your Clinton, MD vehicle. We keep every major tire manufacturer in stock to support all automotive brands, domestic and foreign. If you have already purchased tires, we can install them on your vehicle, as long as the tires meet Department of Transportation safety regulations.

To mount and balance new tires, our Clinics charge $20 per wheel. A complete tire alignment of all four wheels is $99.99. Wiygul Automotive encourages customers to purchase four new tires at the same time. Replacing them as a set makes alignment and balancing easier and also helps to keep the tire tread even from the moment the wheels begin turning.

To schedule any tire repair, balancing, or rotation, call us at 1-866-702-8050 today. Let Wiygul Automotive help keep you safe on the road.


Clinton, MD

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