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ABS Brake Repair Burke VA

The standard for most Burke, VA cars is disc brakes. The anti-lock brake system or ABS improves the function and safety. It accomplishes both aspects as the driver applies the brakes by preventing the wheels from seizing up, primarily on turns. This action reduces the uncontrolled skids, especially on wet pavement.

Wiygul Automotive recommends every car owner have their brakes inspected yearly. An inspection allows our technicians the opportunity to fix minor issues before they become larger, and more expensive, problems. That applies, particularly to the ABS Brake system. Repair after system failure is always more expensive than routine maintenance.

Each ABS requires a specialized tool, the Controller Scanning Device, to diagnose each issue properly. Our technicians use one to ensure correct function and diagnose the problem via a trouble code it reads from the car’s ABS Control Module.

If the ABS dashboard warning light is already lit, our technicians first check the fuse. If it tests as operational, then the technician examines the fuse harness for corrosion. She sprays a contact cleaner on the harness, wipes it down and performs a visual inspection. If she finds no corrosion or other physical damage, the technician cleans the fuse and returns it into the harness.

Our next step is to examine the wheel sensors to determine if they are correctly receiving and sending information. They are mounted next to the wheel bearing assembly and inform the ABS Control Module how fast each wheel rotates. To thoroughly examine each sensor, every Wiygul technician lifts the car and loosen the lug nuts on each tire.

She examines the wheel sensor and the connecting wires to determine if they are loose and that there is no physical damage. Before bringing the car down off the lift, our technician also examines the wheel bearing assembly to ensure no damage might interfere with the sensors. If there is, Wiygul replaces them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation for each auto.

In addition to ABS Brake repair, our Burke, VA clinic also provides the following services. Each one, as well as the ABS brake repair, comes with a 24-month warranty:

  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • New Brake Pad Installation
  • Brake Hose Repair
  • Resurfacing or Replacing Brake Rotors
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Repair

Each of our Virginia and Maryland clinics offer a free visual brake inspection that includes measuring the brake pads and checking the brake fluid level. If a technician discovers any problems with the rotors or other components, each of our clinics replaces them with Brembo brake parts. As a leader in the production and design of brake parts and components, Wiygul is proud to use Brembo in all foreign and domestic models.

Regardless if it is an ABS brake repair, or another service, our Burke, VA Clinic is here for you. To schedule a service appointment for your auto, call Wiygul Automotive today at 866-702-8050.


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