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Brake Rotor Resurfacing Burke, VA

Resurfacing the brake rotors can extend the life of a set of rotors for many models of domestic and foreign vehicles. Not every brand allows for resurfacing, however, and it is not always the preferred option for every auto owner who brings their car into one of our Wiygul Automotive Clinics.

Resurfacing the brake rotors on a Burke, VA auto is not like applying new varnish on a set of floorboards. Technicians cannot just remove cuts and grooves by sanding down the surface. Resurfacing a rotor requires cutting or machining it down to a new level across the entire surface. It is a process that can take one or two rotors that have worn differently and match them to the others.

Rotors that can be resurfaced have a manufacturer’s recommended minimum level which Wiygul technicians do not exceed. Rotors cut to that level, though, are thinner now, which makes them more vulnerable to overheating and warping. That reduces brake performance which puts the driver and passengers at a higher risk in case of an accident.

Replacing the brake rotors instead returns that part of the braking system to its maximum efficiency. It is such an important safety issue which a group of European carmakers like Volkswagen or BMW do not encourage resurfacing and refuse to provide minimum rotor levels. Some U.S. automakers use slightly different brake rotors called captive rotors. The cost of brake rotor resurfacing at our Burke, VA clinic for these types usually exceeds the price to buy new replacements, so we do not recommend resurfacing in these cases.

Wiygul Automotive recommends a routine maintenance schedule to include annual brake inspections for every car owner. Our technicians catch problems while they are still repairable and before they become much larger and more expensive issues or worse, fail in an emergency and cause injury to the driver and passengers.

At each clinic, Wiygul Automotive offers a free, visual brake inspection. It includes rotor and disc inspections, checking the clarity and level of the brake fluid, measuring brake pad thickness, and more. If our technicians find a problem requiring attention, they provide a description of the problem and an estimated cost to the owner.

Brake rotor resurfacing on a Burke, VA car can also help to remove surface rust, which can help increase brake performance. Regardless if an auto owner decides to push back the purchase of a new pair of rotors or wants to do it immediately, Wiygul recommends replacing all brake rotors after 70,000 miles of use.

Regardless if you want to resurface brake rotors or need another type of auto servicing, contact one of our Wiygul Automotive Clinics today. Call 866-702-8050 to find a clinic near your location and schedule an appointment.


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