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Brake Rotor Resurfacing Ft. Washington, MD

Resurfacing brake rotors in your Ft. Washington, MD auto is a procedure that can extend the life of almost every rotor type on many domestic and foreign vehicles. There are some drawbacks through which every automobile owner needs to be aware of before bringing their car into one of our Wiygul Automotive Clinics in Maryland.

First, resurfacing brake rotors is not like resurfacing a wood floor. Technicians do not sand down to an even surface and then apply a new coating. Resurfacing means that they cut down the surface of the rotor. This useful technique can often be used to match a single rotor which has worn down differently from the other three.

Our technician can cut the rotor to a level where it now matches, but it also brings certain risks. Rotors which can be resurfaced have a recommended minimum level from the manufacturer, and Wiygul technicians do not exceed that. Even rotors cut to that level, however, are still thinner and are more likely now to overheat and warp. Once that happens, it reduces brake efficiency. Even a small reduction in performance efficiency can mean the difference between safely braking in an emergency or crash into a guardrail, tree, or the car in front of you.

Replacing the rotors means that each automobile braking system goes back to operating at maximum efficiency. It is an important safety issue, especially at high speeds and is why European automakers like BMW or Volkswagen discourage resurfacing and do not provide minimum levels for their rotors. Certain American autos use a type of captive rotors and the cost of resurfacing these brake rotors at our Ft. Washington, MD clinic can often exceed buying replacements.

No matter if your brake issue is resurfacing rotors or replacing brake calipers, Wiygul Automotive recommends every owner has a brake inspection performed for their vehicle every year. As part of a routine program of maintenance, the inspection catches these issues to be repaired or replaced before they become much larger problems which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in costs or result in a component failure which causes an accident.

Prevention is why our Wiygul Automotive Clinics offer a free, visual brake inspection. It includes a rotor examination, measurement of the thickness of the brake pads, and a check of the level and clarity of the brake fluid. If our technicians find an issue that we think needs to be addressed, they provide a description of the issue and a cost estimate.

Brake rotor resurfacing can help an Ft. Washington, MD auto owner, push back the cost of a new pair of rotors. Besides the need for even wear, light machining or cutting the rotor can remove surface rust to help improve appearance and efficiency. Even when resurfacing is an option, Wiygul recommends replacing your rotors after 70,000 miles.

If you need to resurface brake rotors or another type of brake servicing, contact one of our Maryland clinics today. You can schedule an appointment in Ft. Washington or the location nearest to you by calling 866-702-8050.


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