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Brake Rotor Resurfacing Herndon, VA

Resurfacing the brake rotors on your car can extend their life and help prevent uneven wear on many different car models, domestic and foreign. Not every auto brand allows for rotor resurfacing, however, and it is not always the best option for an auto owner who brings their vehicle into one of our Wiygul Automotive Clinics.

Resurfacing the brake rotors on a Herndon, VA auto is a difficult process that takes precision machining and grinding. Technicians cannot just remove cuts and grooves by sanding them down. Resurfacing a brake rotor requires cutting or machining it down across the entire surface. It is a process that can restore one or two rotors to that have worn unevenly and match them to each other.

If our technicians can resurface the rotor, the manufacturer provides a recommended minimum level. Rotors cut to that or even a higher level, are still thinner. That makes them vulnerable to the effects of overheating and warping, which reduces brake efficiency and puts the driver and passengers at a higher risk when there is an emergency and braking can mean injury or life and death.

Wiygul Automotive recommends annual brake inspections for every car owner as part of a routine maintenance schedule. Regular brake checks let our technicians diagnose and fix minor problems before turning in a larger issue that requires a much more expensive solution.

For new customers, Wiygul Automotive offers a free, brake inspection. It includes a visual check of the brake discs and rotors, measuring the thickness of the brake pads, adjusting the calipers, and more. When they find an issue that requires immediate attention, they provide a detailed report to the owner along with an estimated cost of the parts and labor.

Replacing the brake rotors is more expensive than resurfacing, but it does return that part of the braking system to maximum efficiency. Because it is an important safety issue, especially at high speeds, some European carmakers, BMW and Volkswagen for example, do not promote resurfacing brake rotors and refuse to provide minimum levels.

In the U.S., some domestic automakers use a slightly different brake rotor called a captive brake rotor. It is mounted in a slightly different position but functions the same. The cost of brake rotor resurfacing for captive rotors at our Herndon, VA clinic usually exceeds the price to buy a replacement, so we do not recommend it for them.

Brake rotor resurfacing for Herndon, VA cars can also help remove surface rust, which can increase brake performance. Wiygul recommends replacing all brake rotors after 70,000 miles of use. Regardless if you want to resurface your brake rotors or have a different service requirement for your auto, contact one of our Automotive Clinics today at 866-702-8050 to find one near you and schedule an appointment.


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