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Tire Installation In Clinton, MD

In Clinton, MD, new tire installation is expensive, but worth every penny. The only thing keeping your safely on the road is your set of tires. If they are in good shape, you significantly reduce your risk of accident. You have more control over the steering and you can bring your vehicle to a stop easier.

But no question, a set of four tires is expensive. You want to get all the use possible out of your current ones, replacing them only when they become unsafe. But how can you tell when you definitely need new tires? The simplest method is by bringing your car into Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Clinton, MD. Our team of expert tire pros will happily take a look at the condition of each tire and make recommendations you can trust.

We’ve also had many drivers tell us they would like to do their own visual inspection first. That’s why we came up with this quick list of 5 signs that your tires are worn out and unsafe. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you inspect the state of your tires.

  • Changes in the vibration when you drive. Every car vibrates to some extent, especially on gravel roads and those that are poorly maintained. But when you start noticing vibrations along your usual route, it’s a sign that the inside of your tires are weakening. Bring your car into Wiygul quickly to have a skilled mechanic check your tires.
  • Tread wear indicator bar is visible. Newer tires have a very nice feature, the tread wear indicator bar. When you first get tires, you can hardly see the bars. But after you’ve driven on them for miles and miles, the bars become visible. When they are entirely clear, you need new tire installation in Clinton, MD.
  • Too little tread. You can also check your tread the old fashioned way. Just take a Lincoln head penny and insert it into the tire tread, face down. If you can see all of Abe Lincoln’s head, you have too little tread for safety. You need new tires.
  • Blisters. Do you notice blisters on your tire, or bulges? These are signs that it is deteriorating and might lead to an unexpected blowout. Don’t wait, bring your vehicle in right away to have it checked by the tire pros at Wiygul.
  • Cuts and cracks. If you notice problems on the exterior of the sidewall, like cuts and cracking, you might have a leak in your tire. Bring the car into Wiygul and a mechanic will check the condition and make suggestions.

Call Wiygul Automotive Clinic today to find out more about new tire installation in Clinton, MD.


Clinton, MD

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