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Waldorf, MD Brake Inspection

Are you hearing funny noises when you hit the brake pedal? Do you need to press down farther to get the car to stop? Is your steering wheel vibrating when you brake? You need a brake inspection in Waldorf, MD.

The pros here at Wiygul Automotive Clinic see far too many cars with major brake problems that require costly repairs and even replacement. In almost every case, the trouble could have been easily diagnosed during a routine service check, and fixed at a much lower cost.

We know how busy you are and how easy it is to push to a back burner those minor changes in the way your car operates. But it’s not wise.

Look at the advantages of getting a brake inspection in Waldorf, MD, as soon as you notice vibrations, grinding noises or squishy brakes:

  • You save money on repair costs.
  • The work can be done quickly.
  • You can stop your car without worries when there is trouble on the road.
  • You have peace of mind in snow, rain and sleep during the winter.
  • Your car will last longer when you invest in preventive maintenance.

When you take your car in for a routine brake inspection, the team here at Wiygul will check the pads, rotors and fluids. A visual inspection is free here at Wiygul. It involves measuring the brake pads and doing a test of the fluid. Based on what we find, one of our certified mechanics will made recommendations for further service.

To stay safe, take your car or truck in for an inspection every 11,000 miles or once a year. The process is quick and it gives you peace of mind. It makes no sense to wonder what that screeching or squealing sound means when you press down on the brake pedal.

The components in your vehicle’s brake system are put under continuous pressure. It is only natural that they will show signs of wear and tear. In addition, your driving habits and the road and weather conditions you drive in also affect how soon your brakes need work.

Whatever you do, never let your brakes get to the point where it is metal against metal. Your risk of an accident skyrockets when your brakes are that far gone. The repair costs are also much higher.

Wiygul wants to keep you safe on the road. We offer a full range of preventive maintenance and repair services for your vehicle. In addition to brake work, we handle belt and hose replacement, engine repair, muffler and exhaust work, suspension and steering, transmission services, tune ups and oil changes. We do it all.

Call Wiygul Automotive Clinic today to schedule your free visual brake inspection in Waldorf, MD.


Waldorf, MD

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