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Wiygul Automotive - Automotive Inspection Station - Alexandria VA

Alexandria, VA residents, have two options when it comes to running their car through an automotive inspection station. There are the traditional certified emissions inspection stations, available at every Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Virginia. A new option is to use one of the new RAPIDPASS on-road emissions test sites.

These new test sites can identify a vehicle as it drives past with a picture of its license plate and measures the emissions output in less than one second. If the vehicle passes, the inspection is valid for two years. The vehicle owner is mailed the inspection sticker for placement in the windshield. For more information about the program or to find the location of the nearest RAPIDPASS emissions testing site; visit the DMV website at

While the new test sites are quick, there is only a limited number, and they shut down with any inclement weather. A traditional certified emissions inspection station takes longer, but a trained Wiygul technician can complete an emissions test in any weather from the safety of one of our four Virginia Automotive Clinics.

Our emissions technicians carefully run the vehicles and equipment needed to secure a PASS for each client. If the vehicle registers as a FAIL, they provide a list of the components of the exhaust system that did not perform as required and need either repair or replacement. The two categories of cars and trucks requiring emissions inspection are divided by type of fuel, gasoline, and diesel.

Gasoline-powered passenger and property-carrying vehicles requiring inspection are a model year less than 25 model years before January 1st of the current calendar year. As an example, a 1994 Nissan requires inspection while a 1993 model does not. The vehicles in question must also have a manufacturer's designated gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less.

Diesel-powered passenger and property-carrying vehicles requiring emissions inspection must be the model year of 1997 or newer. As an example, a 1998 Ford falls into this category, but a 1996 model does not. With diesel-powered vehicles, they must have a manufacturer’s designated gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less.

An Alexandria, VA’s car or truck registration record is updated automatically regardless of which type of automotive inspection station you use. The results of the inspection are usually processed and sent to the DMV within 24 hours. Each inspection is valid for a two year period.

No car, truck, or commercial vehicle with a FAIL from either test or in need of testing can register or process a renewal through the DMV. The only alternative is when the DMV issues a waiver when costs to repair the emissions system exceed $450.00.

If you need to have your Alexandria, VA auto emissions tested, bring it into a Wiygul automotive inspection station today. We perform testing on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have questions or need to find the Clinic nearest you, call 866-702-8050 today.

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