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Wiygul Automotive - Automotive Inspection Station - Clinton MD

Emissions testing for Clinton, MD vehicles is required every two years by the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA). Automotive inspection stations that have earned state approval are considered Certified Emissions Repair Facilities or CERFs.

Wiygul Automotive Clinics with a CERF rating employ Master Certified Emissions Technicians. These rated technicians have extensive training above the average mechanic, and all of our Maryland CERF facilities have all of the diagnostic equipment required to complete the Idle Tailpipe and Gas Cap Tests and the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) test.

The Idle Tailpipe and Gas Cap Test is required for all 1977 and newer heavy-duty vehicles 8,501 - 26,000 pounds. A 1976 Chevrolet fits this category, but a 1978 Chevrolet does not. Wiygul technicians drive these category vehicles at highway speeds for at least 20 minutes before beginning the test to warm up the exhaust for a proper test sample.

Most vehicles pass the inspection, but a failed test can occur if the gas cap is missing, cracked, or is the wrong one for that model vehicle. It can also fail if the catalytic converter is damaged or missing, or if components of the exhaust system have leaks or holes that prevent taking a valid exhaust sample.

Technicians at our Clinton, MD automotive inspection station, perform the OBD test for light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles with the model year 1996 or newer light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles. A 1997 Ford fits this category, but a 1995 Ford does not.

They also perform the OBD test for heavy-duty vehicles up to 14,000 pounds that are the model year of 2008 or newer. A 2009 Mercedes commercial truck fits this category, but a 2007 Mercedes does not.

Technicians use a scanner device to link to the vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic computer. The OBD scanner determines if there are failing components of the emissions control system. Malfunctioning components can result in a false result and permit the exhaust system to exceed allowable pollution limits.

As a vehicle owner, you need to make certain the amber-colored "check engine," or another warning light is not on. If it is, the vehicle can fail the OBD test. Check with your dealer or Wiygul certified repair technician before bringing in your vehicle for testing.

If your Clinton, MD vehicle fails to test at our automotive inspection station, you need to schedule repairs and retest as soon as you can. If the vehicle fails again, you can be issued a waiver from the MVA in the right circumstances. Submit the original receipts showing the cost exceeded $450.00 for emission system-related repairs. Repairs must have been accomplished no later than 30 days before the first inspection and up to 120 days after the last one. The waiver issued is valid for two years from the original test date.

If you are due for your next emissions test, contact Wiygul Automotive today at 866-702-8050 for the nearest Clinic location and to schedule an appointment.


Clinton, MD

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