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Wiygul Automotive - Automotive Inspection Station - Waldorf MD

The Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) requires emissions testing for Waldorf, MD vehicles every two years. Automotive inspection stations that earn special state approval can advertise as Certified Emissions Repair Facilities or CERFs.

Every Wiygul Automotive CERF clinic employs Master Certified Emissions Technicians. These specialists meet specific training requirements, and each CERF also maintains the diagnostic equipment required to process the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and the Idle Tailpipe and Gas Cap Tests.

Specialists at our Waldorf, MD automotive inspection station, perform the OBD test for light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles with the model year 1996 or newer light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles. A 1997 BMW would fit in this category, but a 1995 model does not.

They also perform the OBD test for heavy-duty vehicles up to 14,000 pounds that are the model year of 2008 or newer. A 2009 Ford commercial truck fits this category, but a 2007 model does not.

Our specialists use a scan tool to link to the auto's On-Board Diagnostic computer. This OBD scanner identifies faulty emissions control system components. Damaged and failing components can cause false test results and permit emission levels to exceed pollution limits.

Before you bring in any car or truck for inspection, make certain the check engine light, or another warning light is not on. The vehicle fails the OBD test if one or more warning lights are engaged. Have your area dealer or a certified Wiygul certified repair technician fix or resolve the issue testing.

The Idle Tailpipe and Gas Cap Test is necessary for 1977 model and newer heavy-duty vehicles with a weight of 8,501 - 26,000 pounds. A 1978 Mitsubishi commercial truck fits this category, but a 1976 model does not. Wiygul technicians have to drive vehicles in this category at highway speeds for at least 20 minutes to warm up the exhaust before taking a proper test sample.

Vehicles usually pass the inspection, but a FAIL can happen if the gas cap is damaged, missing, or the wrong one for that truck. It can also fail if components of the exhaust system have leaks or holes that prevent taking a valid exhaust sample or if the catalytic converter is damaged or missing.

If your Waldorf, MD vehicle fails testing at one of our automotive inspection stations, you need to make repairs and test the car or truck immediately. If it fails again, you can receive a waiver from the MVA if you meet the criteria.

Submit the original receipts to the local MVA office, showing that emission repair costs exceeded $450.00. All submitted repairs must have been completed 30 days or earlier before the first inspection and no later than 120 days after the last inspection. The waiver is valid for two years from the original test date.

If your next emissions test is due, contact Wiygul Automotive at 866-702-8050 for the Maryland CERF location nearest you.


Waldorf, MD

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