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Michelin Tires Fort Washington, MD - Wiygul Automotive

Every Fort Washington, MD auto owner needs to be aware when it is time to inspect their tires, perform maintenance, and when they need to install new Michelin Tires. At Wiygul Automotive, that means our mechanics provide thorough servicing for each car or truck that pulls into one of our Maryland Clinics.

Mechanics at each one perform tire inspections, rotations, and installations. Even when you buy a new car, it is always a good idea for a reputable service agent to examine the tires and other key systems. Every Wiygul Clinic performs a free, visual tire inspection for each vehicle that arrives at one of our service bays.

Owners, regardless if their car or truck is new or used, should get their tires inspected with every rotation. For most autos, we recommend rotation about every 5000 to 8000 miles. Regular rotations keep tire wear even which helps with traction on wet or snowy roads and reduces the risk of blowouts. We move all four tires, switching front and rear tires then left and right. Tire rotation at any Wiygul Clinic is only $20 per vehicle.

If at an initial inspection, or while performing a rotation, mechanics notice excessive or uneven tread wear they bring it immediately to the customer’s attention. When only one tire shows wear, we still recommend replacing all four if possible. Replacing only one tire is like putting a sandal on the right foot and a high heel on the left foot of a marathon runner. Maintaining balance is impossible, wear and tear are grossly uneven, and performance starts already compromised.

That is why Wiygul Automotive offers Michelin Tires for Fort Washington, MD customers. Founded in 1889 by brothers Andre and Edouard, it is now one of the largest tire manufacturers with 67 plants across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Michelins are featured in professional races and are on virtually every automobile model worldwide.

We offer an extensive lines of Michelin tires. Some of the more popular models in the Energy and Pilot lines include the following:

The all-season Energy MXV4 S8 is original equipment for the Volvo S40, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. Among its features are the MaxTouch Construction, which is a unique patch shape and design that helps grip roads in any condition and promotes even tread wear. It also reduces road noise to provide driver and passengers a more comfortable and quiet ride.

The Pilot Alpin PA4 is high-performance tire designed for Passenger Touring Cars in the Winter. Features include a full silica-based rubber compound that meets requirements for the Porsche SE and the Stingray. The material not only keeps tires flexible in cold weather for improved braking but also allows for exceptional control on ice and snow.

Every Wiygul installation and rotation comes with a 2-year warranty just like our other services. If your Fort Washington, MD auto needs Michelin Tires or anything else from the grill to the muffler, call 866-702-8050 to find the Clinic nearest you.


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