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Brembo Brakes Fort Washington, MD – Wiygul Automotive

To ensure proper operations, car and truck owners need to maintain a regular maintenance schedule, including brake inspections. If the brake pads, discs, or other parts need replacing, owners can rely on Brembo brake systems and parts for their Fort Washington, MD vehicles, installed by Wiygul Automotive Clinics.

Mechanics provide a free, visual brake inspection at each of our Maryland locations. The goal for Wiygul mechanics is to identify minor issues like worn pads or a groove starting in a disc before they can become a major problem. If repairs are needed, early detection keeps costs low, so owners can continue to keep driving their vehicles safely.

The majority of poor brake performance comes from low brake fluid or worn brake pads, so we start by checking and if needed, replenishing the fluid level. Then, our mechanics measure pad thickness. If they are thinning or if we find other parts have started showing wear, mechanics provide a list of the affected components with suggested repairs or replacements and an estimated cost.

Some of the brake services each Wiygul Clinic perform include the following, and each one comes with a 2-year warranty:

  • Wheel Speed Sensor Repair
  • ABS Actuator & Pump Service
  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Resurfacing or Replacing of Brake Rotors
  • New Brake Pad Installation
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Brake Hose Repair

To ensure our repair work stays at the highest quality, we use Brembo brake systems and replacement parts on each Fort Washington, MD auto that comes into every Wiygul Clinic. A recognized leader worldwide when it comes to braking systems, Brembo maintains their in-house manufacturing facilities, so their quality control procedures and results are among the best. That level of dedication gives us more confidence in using each Brembo products for repairs or to replace entire braking systems.

U.S. and European auto manufacturers rely on Brembo for original brake equipment as their vehicles roll off their assembly lines. The range of parts they manufacture covers more than 96% of all vehicles in operation today, which is why Dodge, Ford, BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche use them in their autos, commercial vehicles, as well as their racing cars and motorcycles.

Using quality parts with superb service to ensure customer satisfaction has been the business model for Wiygul Automotive since 1976 when we opened our first Clinic. Those satisfied customers helped spread the word, and we soon found ourselves opening our second Clinic. Now, we proudly operate eight locations in Maryland and Virginia.

No matter what you drive, keeping a regular maintenance schedule helps to keep your brakes and the rest of your car or truck operational and safe. Regardless if it is Brembo brakes or another brand you want for your Fort Washington, MD vehicle, Wiygul Automotive is here to provide the best service possible. Call today at 866-702-8050 to find the nearest Clinic and schedule an appointment.


Fort Washington, MD

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