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Kumho Tires Alexandria VA Wiygul Automotive

Wiygul Automotive is proud to sell and service Kumho Tires at our Alexandria, VA and other area Clinics. The company has provided exceptional tires for cars, trucks, and sporting vehicles for almost 60 years since its establishment in 1960 in South Korea.

Within a few years, Kumho expanded its operation and sales throughout Asia and then quickly expanded into Europe and the United States. They now sell an extensive number of product lines geared toward family autos, SUVs, crossover vehicles, racing autos, and commercial and light trucks.

Thanks to the recent economic growth, the company is building a new manufacturing plant in Macon, Georgia to expand their business throughout North America. The affordable pricing, extensive model lines, and our customer service policy make Kumho Tires and Wiygul Automotive in Alexandria, VA the first choice for replacement tires and when it is time to buy a new set of four tires.

One of the popular lines we offer is the CRUGEN HT51. It is an all-season, highway tire designed for SUVs and Light Passenger Trucks. Some of its features include the asymmetrical, four-channel layout and zigzag style groove design for improved road traction. All versions now boast a new, eye-catching sidewall design. The LT model has a 45,000-mile limited warranty, and the P model boasts a limited warranty of 70,000 miles.

In addition to better traction, these features also improve handling and braking on wet and snow-covered roads. The changes to the layout and groove design also extend the life of the tread on all driving surfaces.

The ECOWING ES01 KH27 passenger car tires are designed to be both eco-friendly and economical. They feature a hard rib design and center rib style pattern for improved traction. The Longitudinal 3 channel and wide lateral groove help grip wet roads for better braking and handling. The low rolling resistance also improves fuel economy.

The POWER STAR 758 is our go-to tire for many import model cars and trucks. It runs with low noise to improve passenger and driver comfort. The 758 also performs well on wet roads, resisting aquaplaning better than many other manufacturers.

Our ROAD VENTURE ST KL16 model is specifically designed for SUVs that run primarily on city streets. Its aggressive rib design and 4 tread grooves make it an excellent choice for all-season use. It improves handling even in extreme weather conditions and helps prevent hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

Now, through the end of the year, we are offering a $70 Kumho Tire Visa Prepaid Card after you purchase a set of four (4) Kumho tires from pre-selected models. For information on available models and sizes, and to schedule, an appointment for replacing your old tires with economical, safe Kumho Tires, contact our Alexandria, VA office at 866-702-8050 to get started.

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