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Brake Fluid Flush In Burke VA

Most people are pretty good about having their oil changed on a regular basis, but when was the last time you had a brake fluid flush in Burke, VA? If you’re not even quite sure what that is, it’s at least time to have your brake fluid checked to see if you need the service.

If you spend some time browsing on the internet, you’ll find various rules of thumb advising when and with what frequency you should have a brake fluid flush in Burke, VA. Those are good as rules of thumb, but if you strictly abide by them, you’re probably having it done more often than you need, which means you’re spending money you don’t need to spend. Here’s how to avoid that:

Any mechanic worth his salt will be able to look at the brake fluid and tell if there may be a problem. That, however, should just be taken as the first step. Just because a mechanic tells you that your brake fluid looks a bit dark, that doesn’t automatically mean you need a brake fluid flush in Burke, VA. There are, however, two tests that will tell you one way or the other, with certainty.

The first is the strip test. This is a test that measures the concentration of copper in your brake fluid, which is what might be giving it that darker than expected color. Most people don’t realize that the insides of their brake lines are lined with copper, and over time, the anti-corrosive chemicals in brake fluid break down, which causes the copper to begin to flake off, mingling with the fluid. A strip test is a quick, simple way to see if there’s a concentration that’s high enough to worry about.

The second is a moisture test, which measures how much water has seeped into the line and mingled with your brake fluid. Again, beyond a certain threshold, the water will begin to impact the function of your brakes, which is why it’s important to have the system flushed at that point.

As you can see then, it’s a bit more complicated than just saying ‘do it every three years or 30,000 miles,’ although the main reason that mechanics and other people tend to use those general guidelines is the fact that it’s better for your car and from a personal safety POV to have the brake system flushed more often than you need to than not to have it done at all. Even so, if you’re interested in saving money, it pays to be sure before you have the service performed.

If there’s any doubt or question in your mind, bring your car by and we’ll check it out for you!


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