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Brake Fluid Flush In Waldorf MD

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably read online that you should have a brake fluid flush in Waldorf, MD every three years or thirty to forty-five thousand miles. As a rule of thumb, it’s decent, but it probably means that you’re having it done more often than you need to.

To be sure, having a brake fluid flush in Waldorf, MD more often than is strictly necessary is better than not having it done at all, but it does come with one big downside: It means you’re probably spending money you don’t need to, and let’s face it, you can probably think of lots of things you’d rather be doing with that money!

The question then, is how do you know when it’s time to have a brake fluid flush in Waldorf, MD, if the rule of thumb isn’t perfect? We’ve got you covered on that front. There are two simple tests we can perform which will tell you with absolute certainty when it’s time, taking all the guesswork out of the equation.

The first is called a strip test. It measures the amount of copper that has mixed with your brake fluid. You’ve probably heard a mechanic say, at some point, that your brake fluid looks a little darker than it should. This is the most common reason why. Copper, mingled with it, but where does the copper come from?

Most people don’t realize this, but the insides of your brake lines are brazed with copper. Brake fluid contains anti-corrosive compounds, but over time, these inevitably break down, which causes the fluid to begin flaking some of the copper off.

In small amounts, that’s not a problem, but beyond a certain point, it can and will begin to degrade the function of your brakes.

The second is called a moisture test. As the name implies, a moisture test measures the amount of water that has mixed with your brake fluid. As with copper, a small amount of water won’t do any harm, but too much will interfere with the normal operation of your brakes.

If either test is above threshold, it’s time to have the system flushed. If not, you’re good to go. It’s that simple!

We’ve been proudly serving the region since 1976, and in that time, have grown to become one of the most respected automotive service companies in the area. We treat our customers like family, and we don’t like seeing them have to spend money on repairs that aren’t necessary, which is why we offer both tests.

Maintenance should never be about guesswork. Your car, and your family’s safety is too important. If you have any questions or concerns at all about how your car is running, give us a call or swing by to see us and we’ll check it out for you.


Waldorf, MD

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