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Yokohama Tires Fort Washington MD

If your Fort Washington, MD auto needs new tires, bring it to a Wiygul Automotive Clinic for Yokohama Tires at a low price and have them installed by one of the most reliable automobile service operations in Maryland. In 1917, Yokohama Rubber got started as a small tire company, but quickly became one of the biggest tire manufacturers in Asia. Soon after that, it quickly expanded into Europe and was the first Japanese tire company given ISO9001 certification in North America.

With more than 100 years in business, Yokohama Tire is recognized around the globe for its success in manufacturing and all related services such as design, development, and installation. It was recently chosen by the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge to be its official racing tire. Every car racing on the GT3 track does so on the high-performance ADVAN ENV R2 tire.

By carefully analyzing a century’s worth data from racing and other operations, Yokohama now has an extensive product line that Wiygul can mount on every type of car or truck on Fort Washington, MD roads and highways today. These are two of the models our Automotive Clinics carry from the BLUEARTH and GEOLANDAR production lines:

The BLUEARTH (AE01) is for automobile owners who want to reduce their fuel costs. The AE01 Eco-tire provides a quiet ride for small-to-medium cars and a tight grip on rain and snow covered roads. Features include a blend of Orange Oil and Silica Nano rubber compounds and a combination of dolphin and wide grooves.

Benefits of the AE01, along with better road grip, are a tire that is lighter than many others on the market today which helps reduce fuel consumption. The AE01 also provides for better handling in wet conditions.

The GEOLANDAR A/T+II is an all-season, all-terrain, passenger tire for light trucks and SUVs. Features of the Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T+II include a combination of deeper center grooves and multi-step grooves. It contains a high-contact center block and long-curved shoulder blocks.

Benefits of the GEOLANDAR A/T+II features are improved traction and high-speed stability for longer tread life and reduced noise while driving. They also increase the surface area of the groove where it meets the road for superior grip, even on wet surfaces. The shoulder blocks improve stability and on-road cornering as well as enhance steering response which results in a more even tread wear on the shoulders.

All BLUEARTH and GEOLANDAR tires come with the standard limited warranty for Yokohama passenger car and light truck tires.

Wiygul Automotive is pleased to offer high quality, Yokohama Tires for your Fort Washington, MD vehicles. If you need a full set of four tires or a replacement for a blowout or have already purchased tires and need installation, call us at 866-702-8050. We can help you find the Clinic nearest to you and schedule an appointment.


Fort Washington, MD

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