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Wheel Balancing Reston VA

Whether you’re driving on local roads cracking from the heat or highways buried under ice and snow, rolling along in Reston, VA means keeping your wheels and tires aligned and balanced. Keeping them in the correct position reduces the need for replacement tires and ameliorates other problems. Every maintenance plan should include routine wheel balancing as an important part of reducing automotive issues and costs.

Every wheel balance performed by a Wiygul Automotive Clinic provides multiple benefits: Even wear across the tread for all tires, extended life of each tire, a more comfortable ride, and increased fuel efficiency with every fill-up.

If you are experiencing rough handling at higher speeds, this is the most common indication you need to bring in your car or truck for inspection. If the steering wheel begins shaking as you drive, that is an indication of the vibration generated from unbalanced wheels. Both indicators also mean your tread is wearing unevenly and possibly, dangerously thin. Wiygul recommends bringing in your vehicle to our Reston, VA clinic for wheel balancing at the first sign of either one of them.

Performing the task requires our specialists equalize the weight distribution of each wheel and tire on the axel to ensure smooth rotation at high speed. There are minor variations in manufacturing that affect balance, even after an expert tire mounting. For wheels, the hole drilled into one side for the valve stem is a problem in each one.

For high-speed tires, there is the point where extra layers of polyester fabric (cap piles) join together. These variations are rarely ever noticed at lower speeds used for daily driving on city streets. At highway speeds, however, they can rapidly wear down tire tread, leading to increased vibrations, rough handling, and eventually, tire failure.

To deal with the variations and eliminate the indicators, our specialists use a balancing machine to spin and vertically center the wheel. As it turns, we attach small counterweights around the rim. Once we complete installation, the counterweights eliminate the excess vibrations.

No matter how even it wears, the tread does change over time which alters the tire grips road surfaces. That is why Wiygul recommends wheel balancing for every Reston, VA auto when purchasing new tires, and at every 6,000 to 8,000 miles after that. If there is a physical problem with the wheel or the supporting structure, however, balancing cannot adjust for that. For other issues, your car or truck, bring it to a Wiygul Clinic near you.

Each Wiygul wheel balance service is only $20 per tire, no matter where you bought the tire. We carry all major tire brands and service every major foreign and domestic auto manufacturer. Every Wiygul service comes with a 24-month/2-year warranty. To schedule a wheel balancing or another service, call 866-702-8050 today.


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