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Wheel Balancing Herndon VA

Regardless if you are driving on snowy highways or local streets cracking in the summer heat, it is your vehicle’s tires and wheels that keep you rolling along in Herndon, VA. Maintaining them in the correct position helps reduce the occurrence of buying new tires and other problems. A regular wheel balancing included with a maintenance plan is a key part of reducing automotive costs.

Wiygul Automotive Clinics provides several benefits with every balancing service: Equal tire tread wear across all four tires which leads to increased life for each tire. That also means a more comfortable ride for everyone in the vehicle and increased fuel efficiency.

The first indicator you need to bring in your car or truck is increased rough handling at higher speeds, usually with highway driving. Next, comes the increased vibration while driving at higher and eventually at any speed. The wheel shaking in your hand is an indication of that vibration. Both are also signs of uneven tread wear which can result in a blowout if ignored. Wiygul recommends you bring in your Herndon, VA vehicle to one of our Clinics for wheel balancing when you first notice any of these.

The service itself involves equalizing the weight distribution of each wheel and tire on the axel, for smooth rotation while traveling at high speed. Even with an expert tire mounting, there are variations present at the time of manufacturing. Examples include the hole for the valve stem drilled on one side of the wheel and where the cap piles (extra layers of polyester) join on high-speed tires.

These combined imbalances are unnoticeable at the lower speeds common to daily errands on local surface roads. At higher speeds, they can quickly wear down tire tread which leads to the increase vibrations, rough handling, and eventually failure.

Our specialists place the wheel and tire on a balancing machine to get started. The device spins and centers the wheel vertically, which provides the locations where we attach small counterweights around the rim. Once we complete installation, the weights eliminate the excess vibrations and improve tread wear.

Even or uneven, tire tread wears down over time. That changes how each tire grips streets and highways, which is why we recommend wheel balancing for your Herndon, VA car or truck with every tire purchase and every 6,000 to 8,000 miles afterward. Balancing does not counter physical damage to a wheel like a bent rim or damaged struts. To determine what other problems are affecting your car or truck, bring it into the Wiygul Clinic nearest you.

Our wheel balance service would be only $20 per tire, regardless if you bought the tire here or elsewhere. We carry every major brand of tire for new or replacement sets and service every major domestic and foreign automobile manufacturer. Each of our services comes with a 2 year/24-month warranty. To schedule a service or inspection, call today at 866-702-8050.


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