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Wheel Balancing Burke VA

No matter if you are driving on ice-covered highways or streets cracking under the summer sun, it is your wheels and tires that keep you rolling along Burke, VA roads. Keeping them in proper position helps prevent unneeded costs when it comes to replacing worn down tire tread. Wheel balancing is a key part of reducing automotive costs and a preventive maintenance plan.

A professional wheel balancing service at a Wiygul Automotive Clinic provides several benefits: Even tire tread wear which leads to increased life for each tire, a smoother ride for all occupants in the vehicle, and increased efficiency from every tank of fuel.

There are signs to watch out for that indicate the need for a balancing service. The first one most drivers notice the rough handling at higher speeds, usually on highways. Shortly after that, they notice increased vibration while driving and can feel the steering wheel shake in their hands. The rough handling is also often a sign of uneven tread wear which many drivers do not notice until the tire blows out. Wiygul Automotive recommends bringing in your Burke, VA truck or car for wheel balancing when you first notice any of these signs.

Balancing involves equalizing the combined weight of the wheel and tire on the axel, so they rotate smoothly traveling at high speed. Our technicians expertly mount tires onto wheels, but there are always variations in manufacturing that lead to slight imbalances. Also, there is the valve stem hole drilled on one side of the wheel and the joining point of the cap plies (extra layers of polyester) used on many tire models.

Once combined, these imbalances go unnoticed at lower speeds used daily. At higher speeds, they quickly increase vibrations felt by both driver and passenger.

To begin, our specialists place the wheel and tire on a balancing machine. This device centers the wheel and, while spinning, provides the information where to place small counterweights on the rim. It eliminates excess vibrations and provides for even wear of the tire tread.

As the tread wears down though, it still changes how it grips the road. That is why we recommend wheel balancing for your Burke, VA car or truck every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Balancing does not compensate for physical damage like a bent rim or another issue with your vehicle. For problems balancing does not fix, each Wiygul Clinic offers a free inspection to determine repair or replacement options.

At Wiygul, a wheel balance costs only $20 per tire for your vehicle. Our technicians have an extensive tire and wheel inventory to service every major automobile manufacturer. All of our services come with a 2 year/24-month warranty. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 866-702-8050.


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