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Brake Line Repair Burke VA

A common brake line problem needing repair or replacement after a harsh winter like this one is the rust and corrosion from the salt, water, and other particles used to melt the ice and snow that covered local roads and the highways around Burke, VA.

To combat this threat to your car, truck, or SUV, trained Wiygul Automotive specialists to start with a complete inspection of the brake lines. After several years of driving, we expect to find a small amount of surface discoloration, but if our personnel find it along the entire brake line, we recommend a replacement to ensure both safeties of the passengers and proper operation of the braking system.

Our automotive technicians then carefully disassemble the connectors and remove the damaged lines to preserve the connection points and the brackets which secure the lines against the frame. Then, they drain the brake system of fluid and eventually dispose of the lines according to state and EPA regulations. Specialists clean the connectors and everything else before measuring the new lines for installation.

We do this with new brake lines from our on-hand inventory and compare them to the length of the old lines before disposing of them. Then, they custom-cut each one to match each vehicle. Specialists insert one end and secure it in place before carefully bending the new line into place and attach the other end. Finally, they replace the brackets to keep the new lines in position.

They make certain everything is connected with a brake check. Technicians fill the master cylinder reservoir with new brake fluid, and then they loosen the bleeder valve and begin tapping the brakes to bleed air from each new brake line. They continue until they see only new fluid exiting the line with no bubbles to indicate the presence of air. If replacing all four lines is needed, our technicians start with the passenger and driver rear brake lines and finish the job with the front passenger and driver lines.

Now, your vehicle is ready for safe operation once more on highways and area roads. Our Burke, VA clinic offers a free, visual brake check that includes measurement of both the brake fluid level and brake pad thickness. In addition to brake line repair, all Wiygul Clinics provide the following services with the same level of expertise:

  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Brake Hose Repair
  • ABS Pump and Actuator Service
  • New Brake Pad Installation
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Resurfacing or Replacement of Brake Rotors

Since opening our first Clinic over 4 decades ago, Wiygul continually works to be the best, full-service operation in Virginia, Maryland, and the Beltway. To find the Wiygul Clinic nearest you and schedule a brake line inspection and repair or another appointment for your Burke, VA car, truck, or SUV, call us at 866-702-8050 today.


Burke, VA

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