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Brake Line Repair Fort Washington MD

Brake line repair and replacement can become an issue after a harsh winter as we had recently. The road salt and other agents used to remove the ice and snow that covered local Fort Washington, MD parking lots, roads, and surrounding highways can cause rust and corrosion to form and eat away on the brake lines.

To counter this threat to area vehicles, Wiygul Automotive technicians carefully examine each brake line as part of our free inspection which also includes a look at the brake fluid level and brake pad thickness. After a particularly bad winter, a small amount of surface discoloration forming is normal and easily cleaned. If we find it runs along the entire length of the brake line, however, replacement is needed to ensure the vehicle’s continuing capability to brake properly.

Our technicians drain the brake system of fluid and disassemble the brake line connectors. They carefully remove both the damaged lines and the brackets that secure them to preserve the connection points. Then, they clean the brackets and connectors before measuring new lines to install.

Technicians measure the old lines against new ones pulled from our on-hand inventory. After matching and cutting the new lines, they dispose of the old ones according to EPA and state requirements.

Next, they insert one end to the brakes and secure it in place with a cleaned connector before carefully bending the new brake line into place and attach the other end to the brake fluid reservoir. Finally, they reinstall the brackets to hold the new lines in the correct position.

To ensure each step went correctly, two technicians perform a brake check. One of them adds new brake fluid into the master cylinder reservoir, filling it, and then opens the bleeder valve. Another technician begins lightly tapping the brakes to bleed or push air from the new line. They continue this until the technician under the vehicle sees only new fluid exiting the line with no indication of trapped air.

Technicians now close the bleeder valve and top off the master cylinder reservoir with more brake fluid. If they need to replace all brake lines, they begin with the passenger and driver rear brakes, then the front passenger and driver brakes.

In addition to brake line repair and replacement, our Fort Washington, MD clinic provides the following services with the same level of expertise:

  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Brake Hose Repair
  • ABS Pump and Actuator Service
  • New Brake Pad Installation
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Resurfacing or Replacement of Brake Rotors

Wiygul Automotive began serving customers more than 40 years ago, but we still work each day to be the best, full-service automotive agency in Maryland and Virginia. Call us at 866-702-8050 today to locate our Clinic nearest you and schedule a brake line repair or a different appointment for your Fort Washington, MD vehicle.


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