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Cooper Tires Herndon VA

If you need a new set of four tires or only need to replace one that ran flat, consider Cooper Tires as an option for your Herndon, VA car, SUV, or truck. With over 100 years of excellent products and service in the tire industry, Cooper is one of the preferred brands we stock at Wiygul Automotive.

In 1914, two brothers-in-law, John F. Schaefer, and Claude E. Hart founded the company as a producer of tire cement, patches, and repair kits. The next year, they purchased The Giant Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio, which specialized in rebuilding tires, and moved the operation to Findlay, Ohio in 1917.

Three years later, Ira J. Cooper became a director with the company and greatly helped increase growth for the next 20 years through expanding sales and developing new markets for their products. Ira was instrumental in redirecting those efforts to wartime production after the U.S. entered WWII in 1941. Five years later, the company adopted his name to become The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Wiygul Automotive maintains an extensive inventory of products from Cooper Tires for our Herndon, VA customers. Among the product lines, we offer the LIFELINER and STARFIRE models.

The Lifeliner GLS is an All-Season Touring tire perfect for passenger cars and minivans. Its features include four circumferential grooves, a notched center rib, and shoulder slotting. It is M+S Rated and comes with Cooper Tire’s standard limited warranty and carries the 65,000 mile/105,000 km Treadwear Protection (T-Rated).

Benefits of the GLS features allow it to effectively propel water away from the tire tread contact area which helps to provide an incredible level of all-weather traction and increases even tread wear to extend the life of the tire no matter the season.

The Starfire RS-C is an All-Season tire designed for high-performance passenger cars. Features of the RS-C include four wide circumferential grooves, a solid center rib, and a computer designed variable pitch tread. Sealing these features together is Cooper Tires’ Special Nylon Overwrap Strip Technology.

Benefits of the RS-C features include excellent traction and handling on dry and wet surfaces, excellent water evacuation in the footprint, and long-wearing properties for a superb value. The variable pitch tread provides for an incredibly smooth ride with very responsive handling in any season and weather condition. The feature package also results in improved stability for a very quiet ride for driver and passengers, even at highway speeds.

If you need to replace a flat or are looking for a complete, new set of tires, consider Cooper Tires for your Herndon, VA car, SUV, or truck. Contact Wiygul Automotive at 866-702-8050 to speak to one of our technicians and schedule an appointment at our Clinic nearest you.


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