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Tire Alignment - Waldorf, MD

Winter weather, construction, cause surface damage to area roads, which can tear up the tires and suspension of local cars and trucks regardless of a driver’s best efforts otherwise. Even a very short drop in the road can change the tire alignment on any Waldorf, MD vehicle. Without a professional alignment, damage continues on the now misaligned tires.

The first indication most drivers notice of misaligned tires is uneven tread wear. It is not the first one that drivers should look for, however. To prevent it, drivers need to pay attention to these indicators which appear sooner:

Noticeable loss in fuel economy

Drifting or pulling to one side with no hand on the wheel

Steering wheel shaking or vibrating while stopped or in motion

Difficulty steering or turning at any speed

Service techs at each Wiygul Automotive Clinic use the latest equipment to diagnose and perform each tire alignment on Waldorf, MD cars and trucks. They measure the suspension and adjust multiple tire angles to ensure the most effective contact with the road, ensuring longer tire life and improving performance. Each alignment our service techs perform centers on three different angles; toe, caster, and camber.

Toe is the angle at which tires turn inward or outward from straight ahead while driving, and is viewable from overhead. Wiygul service techs set the toe for the least possible resistance as the tires rotate. Correct angle adjustment prevents uneven tread block wear and reduces the risk of feathering. The resulting damage turns one side of the tire tread very rough while the other side of the tire wears down smoothly, but far quicker than normal.

Caster is the angle that uses the steering column to turn the wheel back to its ‘straight ahead’ position. It also allows each vehicle to travel forward without drifting and with minimal to no steering. Every vehicle has a positive or negative caster for the front and rear tires. Wiygul service techs use the manufacturer’s recommendations for each alignment.

Camber is the angle seen on tires when viewed from in front of the automobile. Each tire has an outward (positive) or inward (negative) camber, also called a tilt. If the camber is too far in either direction, it can cause the tread to wear unevenly outside or inside the tire’s center line. As with caster angle, our service techs use the manufacturer’s recommended tilt for each tire.

Every Waldorf, MD tire alignment is $99.99 for the majority of vehicles at all Wiygul Automotive Clinics and comes with a 2 year / 24-month warranty. For more information on alignments for every major domestic and foreign automobile model, current discounts, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at 866-702- 8050.


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