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Continental Tires Reston, VA Wiygul Automotive

For Reston, VA drivers, Continental Tires are some of the best available for local vehicles. The company has over a century of experience and is a popular brand available at Wiygul Automotive Clinics in Virginia.

Founded in 1871, Continental started with solid, rubber tires for carriages and bicycles in Hanover, Germany. Rapidly expanding with the growing automobile market, their tires and other rubber products soon became standard equipment in many early automobiles. Continental was also an early supplier of brakes and electrical components.

The company began producing in 1898, some of the earliest pneumatic, or air-filled, tires. They were on the Daimler auto that won the 1901 Nice-Salon-Nice automobile race, which was also the first Daimler to bear the Mercedes name. Continental produced the first tire with a patterned tread three years later, changing the auto industry forever. Continental is now the second largest tire producer in Europe and has manufacturing facilities worldwide.

All Wiygul Clinics offer our Reston, VA customers an extensive line of Continental Tires. Among the most popular tires are the Conti E-Contact Electric, the Conti 4x4 Sport Contact, and the Conti Eco Contact 3. Combined with our expert technicians, their high quality and low price make Wiygul Automotive the first choice for new tires.

The E-Contact Electric is an Eco-Friendly, Summer tire developed specifically for electric passenger cars. Features include four circumferential grooves, optimized tread depth, and rigid ribs, and the AeroFlex optimized off-shoulder design with more flexible sidewalls and reduced weight.

Benefits of these features include reduced noise level and shorter braking distance on wet roads. It has good handling performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The 4x4 Sport Contact is an ultra-high performance tire designed for light, passenger trucks and SUVs. It is the Original Equipment tire for Porsche Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo vehicles. Key features and benefits include an asymmetric tread pattern with compact outer shoulders that provides excellent stability on corners, and a quiet, comfortable ride. The wide tread grooves ensure superb drainage and greatly reduce the risk of aquaplaning when driving on wet surfaces.

Each 4x4 Sport also comes with Continental’s Total Confidence Plan, a 60 Day Trial, and a 3-Year Roadside Assistance Plan.

The Eco Contact 3 is an excellent Summer tire for compact and mid-range passenger cars. Important features of this tire include circumferentially stiff tread ribs, specially designed grip edges and incisions in the outside shoulder. It has optimal siping, wide circumferential grooves in the tread and lateral grooves on the inside shoulder.

Together, these features provide excellent braking performance, directional stability, and precise handling. They also increase traction on every surface and are particularly exceptional on wet curves, which also provides a very comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

For our Reston, VA customers, Continental Tires are some of the best on the market today, and Wiygul is proud to offer them at each Clinic. To determine which tire is the best for your vehicle, call us at 866-702-8050 today.


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