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Tire Rotation Reston, VA Wiygul Automotive

Every SUV, car, and truck on the road today in Reston, VA, need tire rotation service as a routine part of a vehicle maintenance schedule. For each automobile, that means visiting a licensed mechanic every 5000 to 8000 miles. Variations in mileage depend on the operator’s driving habits and the type of drivetrain.

Routine rotation reduces uneven tread wear by moving the tires from front-to-back and side-to-side. It also helps keep the wheels in balance, which extends the life of the tires and maintains better traction and handling on wet and dry surfaces. The cost is minimal; at every Wiygul Automotive Clinic, tire rotations are only $20 per vehicle.

No matter what car the wheels are on, each tire rotation follows a specific pattern for the best result. A vehicle’s front tires carry more of the weight, and a vehicle with front-wheel drive wears down the tire tread even faster than one with rear-wheel drive, so they have to be rotated to the rear axle for smoother, even tread wear on all tires.

Most drivers take their left turns a little faster than right turns which wears down the front left tire slightly faster than the right front tire. Because of that, when rotating the tires, Wiygul technicians make certain to flip the front left wheel with the right rear wheel and the rear left with the front right.

Wiygul service technicians follow this pattern with every tire rotation on Reston, VA autos to extend the life of the tires. That means the owners buy fewer tires over the life of their vehicle and, thanks to the even tread wear, enjoy better gas mileage. Tire rotation is a quick process. Since the maintenance time for an oil change is roughly the same as a tire rotation, our technicians can perform both on the same visit with no additional waiting time for the customer.

Owners can put off the first rotation on a new set for a short time, but uneven wear builds up over time. They put their vehicles at risk for a blowout while driving, or having to buy new tires whenever they put off this or other routine maintenance.

In addition to tire rotation, Reston, VA vehicle owners need to schedule a wheel balancing service every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or whenever they replace one or more tires. Balancing works in conjunction with the tire rotation to promote even tread wear and also improve fuel efficiency. A wheel balancing service at Wiygul Automotive Clinics costs $20 per tire.

To schedule a tire rotation, wheel balance, or another service needed for your auto, call us today at 866-702-8050. Our customer support staff can help you find the Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Virginia nearest you.


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