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Mount and Balance Tires Herndon VA Wiygul Automotive

Properly mounted and balanced tires are key to keeping a vehicle safely on the road. They also ensure a more comfortable ride, increased fuel efficiency, and longer life by keeping the tread wearing evenly when driving. For a professional mount and balance, tires in Herndon, VA need Wiygul Automotive Clinics.

At only $20 per wheel, a Wiygul Automotive Clinic balance service is far more cost-efficient than waiting for a tow truck and replacing a blowout. Depending on the auto maker’s recommendation and the owner’s driving requirements, all SUVs, cars, and trucks should have their tires balanced every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. If it is not done, then the tread quickly starts to wear unevenly, which can lead to other issues and, finally, a failure of one or more tires when driving.

Occasionally, it is necessary to balance tires ahead of schedule. If road construction becomes part of your daily commute, the rough, road surface increases the vibration that not only causes discomfort, but can also knock the tires off-balance. It can also throw one or more wheels out of alignment, leading to damage of the suspension and steering. A single road cut or large pothole can send you to your mechanic with a wobble or worse.

If that happens to your vehicle, there are several things you can look out for to know when to make that balance service appointment.

Excessive Vibrations – If your vehicle begins to vibrate enough that it still shakes the wheel while you are gripping it tightly, this is a sign that the front tires, and probably the rear tires as well, are out of balance.

Rough Handling – This happens first at highway speeds, but for a local driver who rarely gets off surface streets, difficulty turning at any speed means you have a problem.

Shaking Steering Wheel – If this happens, especially when accelerating, then one or both of your front tires are out of balance.

Uneven Tread Wear – This is the last sign that the tires are out of balance, but is often the first one that vehicle owners notice. The most common uneven pattern is the inside or outside edge of the tire wearing down more quickly than the entire tread. Other wear patterns are when one side wears down more quickly, or the tread wears down faster in the middle.

To ameliorate these issues with a professional mount and balance, tires for our Herndon, VA customers are carefully inspected, along with the wheels, for imperfections and damage. Wiygul technicians then use the latest machinery to carefully align the tire, adding weights where needed, to return it to its optimal position.

If you need new tires, a mount and balance are required for the best driving experience. If you haven’t balanced your tires since the end of Winter here in Herndon, VA, you need to bring in your vehicle for service immediately. To schedule a visit, call our offices at 866-702-8050 today.


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