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Nitrogen Tire Inflation Alexandria VA

When it comes to getting the most efficient fuel consumption possible out of a vehicle, proper tire inflation is a must. Every owner needs to check their tire pressure at least once a month. To improve gas mileage, Wiygul Automotive Clinics now provide a service that was previously available only for construction and other heavy equipment, racing automobiles, and the aviation industry to private vehicle owners in Alexandria, VA nitrogen tire inflation.

Most of the regular air in tires is nitrogen, about 78 percent. The rest of it is oxygen at 21 percent, and one percent made up of water vapor and traces of other gases like argon and neon. For actual nitrogen inflation, however, the percent is about 93 to 95 with almost no water vapor and only traces of oxygen and other gases.

Nitrogen is more stable than regular air and is also non-flammable. That makes it safer to use in construction, racing, and aviation since it handles the heavier weight and sudden impacts better than regular air, making tires more resistant to blowouts at high-speed and high-temperatures.

The increased stability of nitrogen also provides for a longer life of the tread and a better-balanced load capacity for tires on private cars and trucks. Since nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen, tires hold the nitrogen longer than the same amount of regular air. Previous studies show that tires filled with regular air lose about 3 percent of the volume in the tire over twelve months as opposed to 2 percent for nitrogen-filled tires.

All of this means that nitrogen tire inflation for Alexandria, VA vehicles holds correct pressure longer and that internal corrosion is greatly reduced; both of which extend the life of the tire and other equipment. Tires with the correct pressure grip the road better and handle better when driving, reducing damage to them. The better air pressure, grip, and handling also increase fuel efficiency. According to a study at Clemson University, some cars can increase their efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

Reducing corrosion means that oxidation is almost eliminated, which is what slowly breaks down the rubber making up the interior of the tire. The same study noted that the reduced risk of tire failure was as much as 75 percent. The reduced level of water vapor also prevents corrosion to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS sensors. Eliminating this risk means that the vehicle owners do not have to pay out anywhere from $30 to $350 per tire for replacements.

For drivers wanting a more stable tire and an increase in fuel efficiency in their Alexandria, VA vehicles, nitrogen tire inflation is a useful option now available at Wiygul Automotive Clinics. To schedule an appointment to switch from regular air to nitrogen in your tires, call our office today at 866-702-8050.

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