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Tune up in Reston, VA

Is your normally trusty vehicle beginning to act up? Are you seeing things like:

  • Strange knocking, thumping or pinging sounds coming from your engine
  • Minor electrical issues
  • Air flow problems
  • Slow or sluggish performance
  • Or a sudden dip in the gas mileage you’re getting

It sounds like you could benefit from a tune up in Reston, VA.

Even if you don’t see any issues like that, we recommend bringing your car in for a tune up every thirty thousand miles, although understand that that’s just a general guideline. If you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have an electronic ignition system or a fuel pump, you’d probably be better served by having a tune up in Reston, VA every 10,000 to 12,000 miles, but again, rules of thumb and general guidelines will only take you so far.

In any case, the whole point and purpose of a periodic tune up is to give our skilled technicians the opportunity to replace components on your vehicle that are subject to significant wear and tear. It also gives us the chance to put expert eyes on your vehicle so we can spot problems while they’re still in their formative stages.

Remember, no vehicular issue in history has ever just magically cleared up on its own. They only ever worsen over time, so if we can catch problems early, they’re usually cheaper to repair, and that saves you money.

Our tune up service in Reston, VA is both well-priced and comprehensive. Among other things, it includes:

  • Checking and replacing the air filter as needed
  • Replacing the fuel filter if and as needed
  • Installing new spark plugs and replacing ignition wires that are beginning to show signs of wear
  • Replacing the PCV valve as applicable Inspecting and filling all fluid chambers
  • And checking the valve cover gasket and adjusting the valves as needed

In addition to ensuring that your vehicle runs more smoothly and efficiently, regular tune ups can also significantly increase the gas mileage you get out of your vehicle. How much do you spend on gas every year?

Whatever figure you estimated is probably low. Since you fill up your tank all year long, and you’re not spending tons of money on any one fill up, most people tend to underestimate how much they spend over the course of a complete calendar year. If you look back through your records though, you’ll likely be shocked and dismayed.

The good news is that regular tune ups can save you a lot of money on that front and a dollar not spent is every bit as valuable as a dollar earned from the perspective of your bank account, making tune ups one of the best values in the auto industry. Call us or swing by the shop if you’re overdue for one, and we’ll take care of you.


Reston, VA

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