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Uniroyal tires in Alexandria, VA

Tire Wear and Tread Wear Indicators

The first way to tell if you need new tires is to look for the tread wear indicators. They are located at the base of the main grooves, are smooth strips of rubber that cross the tread and are equally spaced all around the tire. As a tire wears out, the tread wear indicators will be more clearly visible. When the tire indicators reach a remaining tread depth of 2/32" (1.5 mm) it is considered unsafe. You must replace your tires before they have reached this point. Deeper tread tires provide better handling and grip. Your tire’s tread needs to be thick enough to grip the road and properly stop and maneuver.

You may experience slipping and loss of stability on wet roads when your treads are worn down to about 4/32" (3.2 mm) of remaining tread depth. If you will need to drive in snow or icy conditions you should replace your tires even sooner. Specialty tires have varied tread patterns that are made to enhance performance for different road types and weather conditions. Specialty tires, such as all-terrain and winter tires, resist uneven tread wear and provide longer lasting tread life.

Besides measuring the tread, be sure to look for large sidewall cracks and bulging spots. Bulges create weak spots on the tire surfaces. This can increase the chance of a blow out or hydroplaning.

All Uniroyal tires in Alexandria, VA have a limited warranty. Contact your local dealer to register your tires.

Other indications that your tires need to be replaced

Remember to inspect more than a tire’s visual condition. Be alert to any noise and vibrations. Check inflation pressure often. Be sure to Have your Uniroyal tires in Alexandria, VA inspected regularly.

Obviously, tires wear out and lose tread quicker the more you drive, but mileage and age are not the only cause of tire wear and tear. Driving habits and road conditions can also shorten the life of a tire.

  • Accelerating too quickly, making your tires go against the road and possibly leave a strip of black rubber on the road
  • Turning too fast, like taking off too fast, will wear out the tread too quickly
  • Stopping too quickly
  • Driving with heavy loads that exceed the maximum weight of the tires
  • Driving over potholes, debris, curbs and pavement
  • Speeding/driving at top speeds

Tire Maintenance

Your tires need regular maintenance to keep them in shape and working properly. There are many things you can do to ensure Maintaining proper inflation Rotating your tires Inspecting tires once a month Practicing good driving habits Ensuring that wheels are properly aligned Your tires are an investment. Uniroyal tires in Alexandria, VA will protect and last.

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