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Automatic Transmission Flush in Walldorf, MD

An automatic transmission is simply an automatic gear shifter. Transmission fluid is one of the necessary fluids a car needs to perform as it should. Transmission fluid coats the gears in the transmission to reduce friction and keep the gears moving properly. It is an anti-wear liquid that will prolong the life of the transmission and prevent costly transmission wear. Occasionally the fluid loses its appropriate lubrication properties over time and may need to be replaced. Under certain circumstances a transmission may need to be flushed out.

What is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is a procedure where a machine attached to the vehicle uses the vehicle's own transmission pump to completely remove old transmission fluid and replace it with new clean fluid. It is important that a gentle flushing is used and not a forceful flush that pushed the fluid backward. An automatic transmission flush in Walldorf, MD will be properly done by one of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

Unlike a transmission fluid drain, a transmission flush ensures that all the fluid in the pan, the cooler lines and the torque converter is completely pushed out and removed. Another difference between a flush and a drain procedure is that during a flush a cleaning additive may be used to help remove contaminants such as sludge and debris.

There are common symptoms that the transmission isn't running properly

These may include:

  • A hesitant, or delayed engagement when shifting into gear
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • A strong burning odor
  • Falling out of gear while driving
  • Your transmission is abnormally loud
  • Shifting gears for no apparent reason
  • Jerking when shifting gears
  • You hear a grating sound when shifting gears

Your car may tell you when the transmission is failing or that your transmission fluid is bad and needs to be changed. When your vehicle suffers from any of these symptoms, you should have your vehicle inspected by a knowledgeable Wiygul Automotive service team member. It’s important to regularly maintain your vehicle to keep it running as well as it should.

Other Factors to Consider

The make, model and age of your car and your transmission is a factor when making decisions about transmission maintenance. Not every vehicle will need a transmission flush or fluid replacement at the same time. The mileage on your car helps to determine the right time to have your transmission fluid changed. Different manufacturers have different recommendations for when to change the transmission fluid in their cars. The most common recommendation is to have a change after 100,000 miles. Knowing if you need an automatic transmission flush in Walldorf, MD can best be determined by our experienced technicians.

The way you drive your vehicle may require you to have more frequent transmission fluid inspections. Typical, normal driving may allow you to go longer without a fluid change. If you frequently make hard accelerations, idle in traffic or pull heavy trailers, it is recommended that you have inspections more often.

An automatic transmission flush in Walldorf, MD by a Wiygul Automotive transmission technition may be just what your transmission needs. Contact us to schedule an inspection.


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