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Burke Va Car Battery Replacement

Do you know when to replace your battery? What do you know about how it works? And how do you find a great option for battery replacement in Burke, Virginia if you do start to have trouble with it?

These questions are basic but important. Knowing the answers will keep you on the road, and they’d also help tell you when you need a battery replacement. They’ll tell you when you have trouble, what you should do about it, and why you should go to Wiygul Automotive if you’re in Burke, Virginia. For most cars, the basic timeline for a replacement is six years, but that number is anything but hard and fast.

So what can change it? Heat, for one thing. On a typical day, the temperature in the engine compartment can get over 200 degrees (F). Auto manufacturers typically put batteries in separate compartments, sometimes with cooling devices near them, but even with those precautions heat can cut the life of your battery in half, i.e., from six years to three.

Letting a battery die is another factor that can shorten battery life, regardless of the reasons. Once again, the overall life of the battery goes from six years to three if that happens, so if your battery does happen to go dead you’re going to be coming up on a replacement faster than you might think. The way your battery works has an impact as well.

Batteries need to recharge while driving, but if you’re taking a lot of short trips its not going to happen. So this, too, will shorten your battery life, although obviously it becomes much harder to tell how much if travel patterns are a factor. And if your car stays parked for long periods of time, your time to replacement will be shorter, too.

The internal parts of a battery are also important to overall battery life. One way they can be effected is via vehicle vibration. Manufactures build clamps and enclosures to help keep batteries from vibrating excessively, but if these clamps are absent or broken your battery will start to break down much more quickly.

Given all this, how do you know when your battery is starting to die? Determining this can be tricky, but there are several reliable warning signs. The most obvious is the warning light on your engine dashboard, the one that tells you that you have an electrical problem.

The battery symbol may not be completely accurate, but it does tell you that you have a problem somewhere in your charging system. This tells you that your battery is either the problem or part of the problem, so forewarned it forearmed. So what do you do if you need battery replacement in Burke, Virginia?

That’s an easy one—the experts at Wiygul Automotive have the skills to tell you the condition of your battery, and they stock plenty of high-quality replacements that can help you get back on the road in a hurry.


Burke, VA

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