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Burke Va Mickey Thompson Tires

So you’re about to buy a new set of tires, and you’re weighing your options. The money you’re going to spend raises a new set of questions, though—how do you take care of them, and what do you need to know to do it?

It sounds like a complex problem, and in some ways it is. But if you’re buying tires in Burke, Va, the tire pros at Wiygul Automotive can steer you into a set of Mickey Thompson tires and give you all the info you need on how to get the best out of them. First things first: make sure you get them balanced and aligned by people who know what they’re doing.

Once again, if you’re in Burke, Va, the tire pros at Wiygul Automotive can get the job done for you so that you’ll be all set to get the maximum life from your new investment. What’s next? Make sure your tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Over- or under-inflating your tires can cost you money by significantly shortening their life span. You’ll also need to get the right rim widths so that your tires can provide optimum performance. Once you get out on the road and start using your tires, there are several important things you need to know.

For starters, be sure to rotate your tires regularly according to the manufacturer’s specification to change the wear pattern; excessive wear on one side, which is also known as “feathering,” can shorten tire life, and it can even lead to breakdowns, accidents and injuries if it becomes too severe. Also, pay attention to the your driving patterns and the weather when you drive. Yes, that’s right, you need to pay attention to the weather; it turns out that tires on vehicles that aren’t being used that often should be kept out of direct sunlight.

The next step may seem obvious, but it often gets over looked: examine your tires regularly, especially if you have a flat or get in an accident. Look for tread worn down to the minimum depth, along with signs of damage like cuts, punctures, cracks, damage from impact. And if your driving style includes lots of hard acceleration and sudden breaking, look for signs of damage from that as well. Assuming these things check out, be careful to monitor the overall performance of your tires. Track your mileage, either using an app or via old-fashioned math. The information this provides will help you get as many years of excellent performance from your tires.

The final question is how long you can expect them to last. The answer to that is complicated, but the expected life for passenger car tires is about ten years, and its typically slightly less for many truck tires.

Now that you have plenty of information about your tires, here’s the most important thing you need to know—if you’re driving in Burke, Va, be sure to work with the tire pros at Wiygul Automotive to get your Mickey Thompson tires!


Burke, VA

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