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When it comes to addressing the issue of replacement tires, getting a completely new set is usually a straightforward experience. But what about a partial replacement? If you’ve had a flat, been in an accident or just have uneven tire wear, the process of getting a replacement becomes a lot trickier.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to buy tires in Clinton, Md, the tire experts at Wiygul Automotive can help. They’re well-versed regarding the ins and outs of tire replacements, and in this article you’ll find few tips to help out. The first rule of replacement if you’re not swapping out all four tires is to check the tread depth. If your tires have more than 8/32nds of tread depth left (i.e., a quarter of an inch), its usually alright to replace a single tire. To put this into context, tires usually come with somewhere between 9/32nds and 11/32nds of tire depth, with winter tires normally having more and summer tires a bit less. The 8/32nds figure will be close to the what you’ll see in a new tire, but if the depth is uneven this can lead to bad handling and poor traction.

So what do you do if you’ve got less than 8/32nds of depth? If you’ve got an all-wheel drive vehicle, the choice becomes simpler—you most likely need to replace all four tires. This is because AWD vehicles have tires that spin independently, and different tread depths can make them spin at different speeds.

If this happens, you risk damaging the drive train of your vehicle, which is something you obviously want to avoid at all costs. If you’re driving a two-wheel vehicle, though, its you can go with replacing pairs on the same axle. The tread wear will be much more predictable, the traction and handling will still be acceptable and you won’t be risking damage. It’s not the best option, but if you’re on a budget and cost is an issue, replacing a pair on the same axle represents a viable option.

One other element that will play into your selection is the laws where you live, so if you’re in Clinton, Md, may need to brush upon the rules. Some states mandate a minimum tire depth of at least 1/16 of an inch, and if they get below that they must be replaced.

Finally, if you’re not sure about what to do, the best place to start is to get your tires examined by a pro. If you’re shopping for tires in Clinton, Md, the experts and Wiygul Automotive can lay out your options for you and give you the tradeoffs and the best options.

They’ve had years of experience, and they’ll be able to evaluate your decision and get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible!


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